The Climb of Town Residential

In 2013, Town Residential an office to cover markets from Hudson Yards to Tribeca. Set up in the meatpacking district, this was the tenth outpost the company has erected since being founded in 2010. It was founded at that time by Andrew Heiberger. The new office was a lease of the entire 7,100-square foot second floor of the office building on 446 W. 14th St. This space was designed specifically for brokers, with much space for brokers to work and meet clients. In addition to the ample floor space, there are 16-foot ceilings and access to the building’s private roof deck.


The lease agreement is a 15-year deal. In taking up the offices, the branch partnered with Thomas & Ingram a brokerage firm that concentrates on deals in the West Village. T & I moved with the new Town Residential branch into the new offices. They established this new office at a very good time, just as the area was experiencing a huge burst of growth. The office sits smack dab in the center of all of this growth. The rent of the space has not been disclosed, but it is probably pretty high considering the high demand of space in this area and the very nice accommodations.

Fortunately for Town Residential, one its parent investor is Thor Equities who owns more retail space than just about anyone in New York. This connection enabled Town Residential to obtain these highly coveted offices. The following year things changed at Town Residential when founder Heiberger stepped down as its CEO to focus on broader business-development issues. Back in 2011 Heiberger had signed a three-year contract with the company which they chose not to renew at this time. Town Residential was not Heiberger’s first company to found.


Several years earlier he had founded the hugely successful rental agency, Citi Habitats. Although there was a bit of a shakeup in Town Residential offices with Heiberger’s departure from the office of CEO, things soon got back to normal. The leadership and investors of Town Residential remain incredibly optimistic about its future in the New York area.


Omar Boraie: New Brunswick’s Local Hero

Omar Boraie is the visionary patriarch and president of Boraie Development LLC. The 73 year old entrepreneur and real estate mogul is considered a town hero in the up and coming community of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Through hard work, persistence, and an exemplary vision, Boraie has managed to transform the heart of a once dilapidated city into a thriving metropolis and business mecca.

Boraie first discovered the idea for the development project on while studying abroad in Europe as a chemistry student. Boraie was fascinated by the close-knit communities in Europe and the way the most run-down areas seemed to be rejuvenated through commercial build-outs. Shortly after his trip, he began to pitch his vision to locals. The local government scoffed at Boraie’s idea to rebuild a dying New Brunswick. Not only did it seem like a risky and impossible project on, but Boraie had a science background and was not yet an established businessman. In addition, the history of the city made the idea difficult to comprehend.

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The critics did not stop Boraie from pursuing his dream. He began to buy the vacated buildings on Albany Street and developed them into prime time office space. This change provided a refreshing perspective to the New Brunswick citizens. Boraie realized that continued growth would only come with the addition of more retail and residential spaces on In 2007, his team completed a 21 story mixed use condominium style building that sold out all 121 residential units in just a few short months.

Looking forward, Omar Boraie sees a bright future for New Brunswick and plans to continue to develop the area. He has plans for adding several more mixed use buildings as well as landscape and glamour additions to provide some aesthetics to the area. Ultimately, the goal is to make New Brunswick an area where young and successful people feel they can stay for the long-term.

While Boraie’s primary contributions lie in development, he also contributes in many other ways. Most recently he was named Chair in Genomic Science at Rutgers. This honor takes him back to his science-minded roots and is considered the gold standard in higher education. Boraie donates to the foundation in support of continuing cancer research and has been highly recognized for his generosity.

Overall Omar Boraie is a phenomenal businessman, visionary, and philanthropist. His efforts have made a huge impact in the city of New Brunswick and his contributions will be felt and admired for many years to come.

The SEC’s Program that Protects the Rights of its Whistleblowers.

Individual who volunteer to give the helpful information to the Securities and Exchange Commission are currently protected by the whistleblower protection program, which was created in 2010. The formation of the plan was facilitated by the passing of the Wall Street Reform of Dodd-Frank and the Consumer Protection Act by the Congress. The regulations of the program offer job security to the whistleblowers, and it also assures them of a substantial financial motivation. The laws have motivated company employees and the public as a whole to report fraudulent undertaking of various organizations to the SEC.

Labaton Sucharow is one of the law firms that offer whistleblower representation services. It was formed about five decades ago, but it started offering the service in 2010. The firm was a pioneer in the sector. Its whistleblower representation practice has currently developed and has made the company to be recognized as one of the top plaintiff attorneys. Labaton Sucharow has ensured that it has an excellent structure of filing litigations by employing in-house detectives, financial experts, and forensic professionals who fully comprehend the implementation of the law. They are all devoted to offering outstanding legal solutions to the SEC’s informants.

The Labaton Sucharow appointed Jordan A. Thomas to serve as the head of its whistleblower representation practice. Jordan is a former assistant director of the SEC, and therefore, he has ample knowledge and experience in handling cases that involve securities. While he was in office, he assisted the organization in making the whistleblower representation laws.

According to the Dodd-Frank Act, companies are not allowed to treat the whistleblowers unfairly for offering information to the SEC. The whistleblower protection program gives the informant 10 to 30 percent of the money that the commission collects as fines. A one million dollars ceiling has been set by the laws, but the SEC’s sources can still receive more rewards from other organizations that use their information to impose fines on lawbreakers.

Informants who would like to hide their identity when reporting cases to the SEC are advised to use attorneys as her representatives. Consulting the commission is free for both U.S citizens and foreigners. Translators are provided by the organization to assist individuals who do not speak and understand English. The SEC also keeps the information that the whistleblowers offer private and the intelligence is safeguarded by attorney-client privilege. Inquiries about the program can be made by calling and emailing the whistleblower representation team.

Online Reputation Repair is Very Important



Are you looking for a good reputation management system for your business? Do you want to have a team of experts by your side as you establish a good reputation for your brand? Wondering why many companies choose the professionals at Fix Search Results for help in managing their reputation online?


For a business person, entrepreneur or company personnel, online reputation management is essential. Every business owner or organization leader should strive to have an efficient online reputation management system, otherwise they will have a hard time operating successfully. Setting up a good online reputation management system will help establish you as a trusted resource in your niche.


In today’s fast-paced world, when virtually any individual and everybody has a social media profile on the Internet, no matter if professional or personal, it is vital that no matter what information we publish reflects positively about us.

In a blog, never ever lie about yourself or anything that you have written. Presenting thought-provoking and valuable insights and high quality material will not only assist in creating you as an expert in your field, but get you more desirable results and force your rankings up in search engine results.


At Fix Search Results, their professionals are able to respond quickly and address any reputation issues that occurs in your business. Their reputation management experts work quickly and efficiently to push down and manage negative and derogatory content that may appear to adversely impact your business. They are used by many businesses, entrepreneurs, company executives, individuals, and companies to repair online reputation.


Fix Search Results comes highly recommended in the industry due to top notch service the company provides. The professionals at Fix Search Results have the knowledge and experience to monitor your online reputation and respond appropriately to any situation, no matter how challenging the issues may be. They handle all projects with aggressive and well-calculated and proven techniques to suppress and overwhelm the negative content.


What Geoff Cone Says is Favorable About New Zealand Regarding Taxes

There really is no ideal model for taxes these days, except of course if you’re talking about New Zealand. Generally talk about New Zealand relates to the eco-friendly environment, but now it’s discussed on a global scale regarding taxes and the right way to handle them. This is where international tax attorney Geoff Cone weighs in to share with the world his views.

Cone’s feature on foreign trusts sheds light on how New Zealand handles taxes as well as how they should be handled. There isn’t anything exciting about taxes, regardless of how well a TV show or movie dress up the finances of the wealthy. In fact, anything to do with taxes is really quite boring.

Once place you can look if you’re doubtful is the OECD. This list was put together in 2002, and it’s a model agreement on the information of exchange of tax matters. Enforcing tax matters is what most folks care about, not whether or not so and so paid them. The laws if enforced will tell you that this means people are paying their taxes and any penalties associated with them.

The international exchange of information most likely relates to international tax matters. This is referring to taxes on foreign trusts. These trusts are somewhat a problem in that these trusts are owned by families that don’t live in the country in which the trust is placed. This is most common with estate taxes, and properties that were purchased outside of the country in which they live.

The good news is that New Zealand takes great care in making sure that all of the matters of each transaction are recorded in the English language, where they can be carefully reviewed at any time by an attorney in New Zealand. All matters relating to any transaction should be held to a strict accounting system and should be recorded, coded, and in the appropriate ledger.

Geoff Cone believes that New Zealand holds the gold standard in which all of these things are done, and he is one of the only international estate tax and foreign trust attorneys in New Zealand. His practice, Cone Marshall, is the only practice in the country that handles these matters. Cone is meticulous in handling all details regarding trust deeds, settlement details, and distributions that are being made with each transaction that comes through his office.

Cone has been practicing for more than 20 years, and currently has a part-time home in Uruguay with his wife Sarah.

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Securus Video Visitation Technology

A lot of people are tired of the longer time periods taken to drive to jail and waiting in long queues when visiting their incarcerated loved ones. The public seeks for convenient alternatives to schedule visits according to prison availability, as an alternative to being subjected to limited visitation periods. The public also wants their convicted relatives to experience a feeling of being home with their families and kids, even when they are still in jail.


Securus Video Visitation is the video platform developed by Securus Technologies Products and Services Company that afford children the unique chance to connect with their incarcerated fathers. Securus Video Visitation also presents the opportunity for family members to visit their imprisoned loved ones in the comfort of their homes. The video platform allows family members to remotely visit their incarcerated dear ones using a PC with a web camera, linked to the internet. Get the latest news on Linkedin about Securus.


With headquarter in Dallas, Texas, the company serves public safety, corrections, and law enforcement agencies in North America. The company Technologies provides inmate self-service, incident management, public information, biometric analysis, investigation, communication, information management, monitoring and emergency response services, and products.


 Securus Technologies Products and Services Company is now helping families to keep in touch with their imprisoned relatives, allowing inmates a chance to observe their kids mature. Through the Securus Video Visitation, convicts share family moments, which profoundly reduces prisoner reversion into criminal conduct.


Securus Video Visitation fully utilizes the internet and a web camera to allow inmates to interact with their kids using a Smartphone, tablet, or computer. The video platform has given vast opportunities for prisoners to provide the fatherly sense of warmth that is inevitable for children development.


Before an onsite-prison-visit, visitors provide their identification information and electronic photo to the prison team to suggest and limit entry, based on visitor’s conducts. The video proposal also gives prison teams the ability to examine and record prisoner communications to monitor prospective prison violence. The Securus Video Visitation interface is a gift that not only creates ground-breaking investigative settings but also gives prison teams a convenience to handle the yet cynical prison visitors. In the cases of suspicious prisoner-visitor exchanges, the prison team can also use the recorded information to speedily lock down convicts, before the end of the average appointment times. The platform also unites prison supervision techniques, guaranteeing that prisoner visits are deliberated for in the current jail time periods.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Seniors Look To Medicare Advantage Plans For More Benefits

Medicare beneficiaries may opt to obtain their Medicare benefits from a private company that offers Medicare Advantage plans, formerly known as Medicare+Choice, as opposed to a traditional Medicare plan from the federal government. Nearly one-third of individuals with access to private Medicare Advantage plans choose to enroll on, primarily to take advantage of the extra benefits. The majority of Medicare Advantage plans are HMOs, followed by PPOs and Private Fee-for-Service plans.

Companies offering Medicare Advantage plans must meet beneficiaries’ health care needs efficiently, while maintaining their quality ratings in order to remain competitive. A one through five star rating system is used, with five stars denoting excellent performance, although most seniors have said they look at the cost, benefits and provider networks when evaluating Medicare Advantage plans.

InnovaCare Health, Inc. is a leading managed healthcare services firm offering two Medicare Advantage plans in Puerto Rico with more than 230,000 members members. President and CEO Rick Shinto, M.D., MBA draws on more than two decades of experience in healthcare to exceed members quality service expectations. Dr. Rick Shinto work as the Chief Medical Officer of several California hospitals and his numerous articles on clinical medicine are published in medical publications. In July of 2016, InnovaCare announced several new additions to their executive leadership, including Penelope Kokkinides, who is the new Chief Administrative Officer. With more than twenty years of healthcare experience, Penelope Kokkinides brings expertise in improving managed care efficiency. InnovaCare Health also operates MSO of Puerto Rico, which offers a Physician Practice Services. MSO operates as an independent company serving the medical community with claims processing, contracting strategies and compliance tools.

InnovaCare recently decided to join the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN). LAN hopes to change the way healthcare companies are paid by the U.S. government; the organization believes that quality, not quantity, should be rewarded. CEO Richard Shinto says he believes that payment reform is needed to move the healthcare industry forward. InnovaCare Health already focuses on furnishing Medicare Advantage plan members with high quality healthcare in a cost-effective manner using the latest technology to coordinate services. The company also provides members with updated medical information with their Health on Touch app.

Ricardo Tosto: A Renowned Latin Lawyer

Brazil derives its laws from Portuguese, German, Italian and French Civil law. Brazilian law can sometimes be confusing since the country has more than 181,000 unique laws. The Federal Constitution is the supreme law of the country and has been in force from October 21st, 1988. The Federal Constitution arranges the country into states, municipalities, and Federal District.

The country has 26 federate states all of which have powers to formulate their own laws and Constitutions. Their independence is however restricted by the dictates of the Federal Constitution. The autonomy of municipalities is also restricted since they follow the principles spelled out by the Constitution of the state where they belong, and those of the Federal Constitution. Federal District, on the other hand, mixes the functions of municipalities and federate states, and its constitution (Organic Law) must conform to the principle of the Federal Constitution.


Brazil is a home to more than 600,000 active lawyers. The country’s total number of lawyers is spread across its states with the State of São Paulo having the largest number of active lawyers followed by the State of Rio de Janeiro then the State of Minas Gerais.

Students are required to join a law school, and study the Course of Law for five years before graduating. Even after graduating, the student can’t practice yet; they must first pass the Bar examination. The Bar examination takes place throughout the country in March, August, and December. The Order of Attorneys of Brazil (OAB) which regulates the legal profession in the country unifies and organizes the Bar examination. The Bar examination is organized in two stages; the written test and the multiple choice test.

Ricardo Tosto

Mr. Ricardo is one of the co-founding partners of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. Ricardo has been practicing in the business law sector for the past 22 years. He specializes in credit recovery, corporate restructuring, civil and commercial litigation, M&A, banking, electoral law, and international law.

Mr. Tosto has a solid education background having studied at the Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie and Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP). Ricardo started his career in a small office in Brazil, and in just a few years he positioned his office among the top law firms in the country.

Jennifer Walden Is Named One of the United States’ Best Cosmetic Surgeons

Temporary measures to help people appear younger and fill in fine lines and wrinkles are becoming more and more popular as people look for an alternative means to plastic surgery. However, for long-term, more noticeable results, cosmetic surgery remains the solution for most people. In 2012, 1.6 million surgical procedures were performed in the U.S. for cosmetic reasons.
There are thousands of surgeons in the U.S., but Harper’s Bazaar narrowed the list down to these 24 Best Beauty Surgeons:



  • Aaron Rollins


  • Raj Kanodia


  • Lisa B. Cassileth


  • Steven Teitelbaum


  • Carolyn C. Chang


  • John Q. Owsley



  • Constantino G. Mendieta


  • Julio F. Gallo


  • Roger K. Khouri

New York


  • Adam Kolker


  • David A Hidalgo


  • Alan Matarasso


  • Darrick E. Antell


  • Haideh Hirmand


  • James C. Marotta


  • Andrew Jacono



  • Gregory A. Wiener



  • Leonard B. Miller



  • Anthony Youn


  • John D. Renucci

New Jersey


  • Barry Dibernardo



  • David A. Bottger



Jennifer Walden currently practices at Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, PLLC in Austin, Texas. Her parents were a dentist and surgical nurse, making her career choice a practical one. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biology at the University of Texas and was placed on a wait-list to attend the University’s Medical Branch, where she graduated as Salutatorian in her graduating class. She completed her fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital where she was later employed.
After giving birth to her twin sons, she returned to Austin to open her private practice in the community in which she was born and raised. She has been labeled as one of American Way’s “Best Plastic Surgeons” and is a leading authority for labiaplasty surgery.

David Osio A Successful Man

In the year 1988 David Osio graduated with honors from Catholic University Andres Bello in Caracas. His early career started in Venezuela. In Venezuela he was titled Director for Legal Desk MGO. There he helped provide advice that had to do with legal matters. Later on he completed learning at Higher Administration Studies in Caracas. By the year 2010 he continued with his studies at New York Institute of Finance.

David Osio is a highly respected businessman. He is continuing to put amazing effort towards positive change globally. David Osio is well-known and respected for his contributions towards music, craftsmanship, therapeutical research, and the community.

For over two years David Osio has been continuously working with an organization that strives to better individuals, craftsmanship, and diversity within the communities. David Osio is very knowledgeable and brilliant at developing economic possibilities. Currently, he continues to reach out globally towards organizations associated with beneficial charities. David Osio has been a great supporter for the Miami Symphony Orchestra for several years. He is also an active supporter for The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. David Osio strongly believes that any amount of contribution is helpful when going towards medical help and research for children. He hopes that in time many individuals can band together to make a great economic change for beneficial charities. He has also made donations for UMA Foundation, Wayuu Taya, and Fundana Foundation. David Osio has made immense contributions towards art organizations. Saludarte Foundation of Art which is located in Miami has been founded by David Osio. He has founded its latest artwork pieces by Carlos Cruz Diez. David Osio has contributed towards many organizations throughout the years. He has received many global honors and recognitions as well.

David Osio has also established Davos Financial Group. He is the CEO of this amazing company. He is very involved with making sure the company is maintaining continuous success. Also, he is regularly making sure the company is continuing its successful prosperity in the global and domestic markets. He continues to contribute great success towards the income growth of Davos Financial Group. He has also been able to continue the possibility of the company being able to expand strategically with Lisbon, Miami, New York, Panama City, and Geneva. He is a an amazing, skilled, and knowledgeable businessman.

In conclusion, David Osio is a hardworking, successful, and dedicated individual that continues to achieve great success.