Michael Lacey-The world’s best Mathematician

When comparing with the individuals from other professions, mathematics hardly become popular. Nevertheless, that does not imply that mathematics does not deserve the fame. Some individuals are determined to increase mathematics knowledge as they pass it to the next generation.

Even though the struggles of these mathematicians will go unnoticed, it is vital to the advancement of the current human society. A good example of such mathematician professor at Georgia State University, Atlanta called Michael Lacey.

Career and education background

Michael Lacey graduated from the Texas University with a BS degree in 1981. In 1987, he enrolled at the Illinois University where he received his Ph.D. in education. After attaining his doctorate, he immediately entered the field of academia. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Mathalliance

He first served as an assistant professor at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge. He also worked as an associate professor at North Carolina University and later at the University of Indiana.

In 1996, he got an associate post without having tenure at the current employer. After two years, Georgia State University granted him tenure and then he was promoted to the post of a full professor where he has worked in this capacity since 2001.

Awards and honors

It is evident that Lacey has made significant contributions to the academic field. Lacey has been named severally by numerous reputable organizations both in and outside the US. On top of that, in 2012 he received NSF-ADVANCED Mentoring Award from Georgia State University.

In 1998, Michael Lacey was given an opportunity to speak about mathematicians across the globe during the year’s International Congress of Mathematicians that was held in Berlin Germany.

It is evident that Michael Lacey is one of the firmest mathematicians in the world. Apart from teaching many students every year, he engages in research, hold motivational talks, and he also tries to mentor students.

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