Kim Dao Vlogs Her Final Day In Perth

Kim Dao is a very busy young woman. Just a few days after returning to Perth, Kim Dao is already planning a trip to South Korea. You can see how Kim is preparing for this latest voyage to Seoul in the vlog “Packing for KOREA | Last Day in Perth | Kim Dao.” Learn more:


This vlog begins with Kim Dao going out for lunch with her boyfriend Eric. Kim orders a bunch of dumplings at a Chinese restaurant. Afterwards, Kim and Eric get some taiyaki and ice cream at Whisk Creamery.


Kim then relaxes at Eric’s pad. She watches a few episodes of “Attack on Titan” with her boyfriend and takes a short nap.


To get some exercise, Kim and Eric decide to take Kim’s dog Yuki to the park. Yuki runs around with a few other dogs as Kim Dao films the entire adventure. Learn more:


Later on in the day, Kim Dao drives out to central Perth to have dinner with Eric and her family. Sadly, Kim Dao doesn’t vlog her dinner experience in this video.


Near the end of the video, Kim Dao shows us all of the things she’s taking with her to South Korea. Just as Kim is about to start packing a huge pile of clothes, Yuki decides to rest on top of the clothes! Kim seems frustrated, but she just can’t stay mad at her super cute Pomeranian for long.


Kim Dao starts by packing all of her summer tops. She also shows a bunch of gifts she plans to give to her relatives in Denmark.


At the end of the vlog, Kim admits that she’s really going to miss the laid back lifestyle in Australia. However, she’s also excited to meet Sunnydahye in South Korea.

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