Growth Based On Innovation – Fabletics Clothing Line

When Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg had a business idea in 2013, they could hardly anticipate the success that was waiting to happen. They founded a clothing brand called “Fabletics”, whose mission is to empower women through fashionable and athletic clothes. One of their decisions that proved to be crucial was partnering with Kate Hudson. The actress has been with the brand for a few years now, and their sales exceed $250 million within that time.



The company utilizes a Lifestyle Quiz that all prospective buyers are encouraged to take. Once completed, the statistics from the quiz will enable Fabletics to suggest customers what will probably satisfy their needs the best. Generally, everyone should give the quiz a try as it may help them obtain clothes in the future. Also, Fabletic’s business model is based on a membership that allows the company to get valuable insight into their customers, thus anticipating their needs better. This helps with the inventory on hand as well as delivery speed.


Reverse Showrooming Strategy

One of the main issues with the clothing industry is the so-called showrooming scheme. This is when buyers try clothes in-store and then purchase it somewhere else online for a lower price. Fabletics has found a way to utilize this to their advantage. Their online presence enables customers to have an idea of what they would like. When a customer tries something on in-store, that item will be added to their online checkout. So, if a customer does not want to purchase something immediately, they can just buy it later online.


Competing with Amazon

Amazon currently holds over 20% of all e-commerce for the fashion industry. The fact that their market share is so enormous makes it even more impressive that Fabletics is able to keep up with this giant. Since their arrival to the industry in 2013, the company has experienced growth that is rarely seen. Their numbers are corresponding to those of Amazon, and the future endeavors might make them even more comparable.


Kate Hudson’s Impact

Since her involvement with the brand, Hudson has been a vital member of their social media marketing, business expansion, and customers’ loyalty. According to the founders, she is very passionate about the brand which makes working with her easy. Also, she tries to stay within the field that she is familiar with such as online marketing. Overall, it seems that whatever she is doing has been working perfectly!

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