George Soros Decades of Charitable Giving

George Soros is a Hungarian native who was born in 1930. Since then, Soros has become a powerhouse of Wall Street and one of the most philanthropic people in the world. Soros was listed as the nineteenth richest people in the world according to Forbes in 2017. His rise began humbly when he fled oppression in his native Hungary to attend the London School of Economics. He put himself through school by working as a waiter and railroad porter. Soros’ financial success began following his move to New York City. He established himself at a merchant bank, and created his own hedge fund worth twelve million dollars in 1969. George Soros’ wealth grew over the next several decades with him becoming world renown when he shorted the British pound in 1992.

This financial move earned him the title of “The Man who Broke the Bank of England”.In addition to financial wizardry, Soros is well-known for his commitment to charity, political activism, and the protection of human rights. Soros donated a fifty million dollars to fight extreme African poverty in 2007. This same year, he donated a hundred million dollars to establish internet access in Russian and Eastern European universities. It is estimated that Soros has donated 742 million dollars to US charities alone with his total charitable giving being over seven billion dollars in 2007. His current rate of charitable giving is believed to be around a half a billion dollars per year.

Soros is a major political force with him giving money to political movement that support social justice, human rights, and economic equality. This began in the early seventies with Soros being a leading force behind ending apartheid in South Africa. Soros donated twenty-seven million dollar to defeat George W. Bush in 2004, and it is estimated that he donated twenty-five million dollars to elect Hillary Clinton in 2016. In addition, Politico reports has Soros created a superpac with assets estimated to be at around seven million dollars. Soros has pledged to continue to donate money to support democratic causes in support of basic rights and freedoms.