UKV PLC; Expert Team of Wine Consultants

If you are a wine expert, when it comes to judging the quality of the fine wine, you understand the magnitude of investing in a superior quality wine especially from the reputable UKV PLC wineries in the UK. Purchasing and collecting the grade wines from UKV PLC comes with great benefits for you which include: You get to invest in a tangible product that you can conveniently access. Better still, UKV PLC can store your wine collection under your bonded account in an independent warehouse. You will have a collection that is completely insured. Also, the wine consultants are ready to offer their wisdom and will guide you to purchase and collect high-quality wine bottles that will give you a fortune in the future.Still, it’s the antiquity of wine that makes it stand out as superior quality. So, UKV offers you that opportunity to start your wine collection early that will give you a 12-15% capital gain. You can even purchase it online, and it’s stored for you, and if you need a valuation of your collection, we will do it as a complimentary service for your loyalty with us. Furthermore, your wine collection will never run out of taste. As a private investor, your gains will not have any tax impositions. You are guaranteed of a risk-free investment that is valuable and desirable. You get to keep all the proceeds. Isn’t that great!


It is based in Surrey and London and was founded in the UK in 2005. UKV PLC consists of a small dedicated team of wine consultants who specialize in acquiring, supplying and selling of bonded exquisite wine and champagne from leading vineyards of France, Spain, and Italy. They work with an extensive network of merchants, brokers to offer the best wine selection. They also guide their customers in purchasing and collecting wine for their events and future sale and investment. Follow them on Twitter :

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UKV PLC has a strong and positive social media presence on Twitter and on Facebook, which they use to educate their followers on the intricacies of fine wine. They also offer helpful tips and knowledge on all their pages as well as sell their grade wine. It’s clear they have a true love for wine! Learn More.

Getting The Best Wine Investing Advice From UKV PLC

The UKV PLC brand is growing in popularity among wine enthusiasts who are looking to enjoy drinking the grape and collecting or investing in fine wines from some of the most impressive wine producing areas in the world. Investing and collecting wine has become popular for those who have a long standing interest in wines and those who simply see the monetary benefits of purchasing and storing wines that look set to gather value as they age.

UKV PLC has been looking to provide the best advice and pass it on to customers through a small team of handpicked experts working for this impressive vintners.

The U.K. has been the home of the wine merchant industry for decades after British based vintners started making accurate predictions about the most impressive traditional wine producing regions and those that were up and coming from the 1980s onward. The impressive tradition of U.K. based vintners has been continued by UKV PLC as they have found new and exciting ways of bringing news of how to enjoy wine and which wines are impressive across a range of budgets; the UKV PLC holiday wines list published Online and via social media Sites provides a few ideas on how to get the most out of wines that may not seem like the perfect choice for the Christmas season.

Reports suggest the traditional wine producing areas of Europe remain the priority for many wine investors and these areas have remained the focus of the work completed by UKV PLC in providing options from Burgundy, Bordeaux, and Champagne to their customers. Among the advice provided by UKV PLC for those looking to invest or collect wine is to purchase by the six bottle crate where possible and make sure all paperwork is collected and stored safely to make sure authenticity can be proven whenever a sale is required.

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