Securus Technologies Receives Thousands of Testimonials

I came across an interesting article the other day regarding the security in correctional facilities. When I think about security, I typically think about bars and alarms and thinks of that nature. However, I was surprised to find that cell phones can cause all types of hazards if put into the wrong hands.


Securus Technologies is North America’s largest provider of cell phone security for our correctional institutions. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas where they employ over 1,000 people. Securus is believed to have private contracts with over 2,600 correctional institutions in North America. It is a very interesting company that offers a breadth of solutions, mostly relating to the prevention and detection of crimes relating to cell phone use. Cell phones are typically contraband in correctional institutions, just the same as things like drugs and alcohol. Securus works to seek out and prevent potential crimes related to cell phone use.


The article I read highlighted some quotes from real Securus customers. The quotes shared real life experiences of how the technology worked to detect and prevent crimes. I will share a few that I found most interesting.


First, Securus’ cell phone monitoring software was able to record several calls being made by a corrupt staff member. On the calls it was found out that he was giving contraband items to the inmates. The recorded calls were enough evidence to gain an arrest warrant for the corrupt staff member and end the bringing in of contraband.


A Sheriff’s office cited Securus technology for helping his team recover over a million dollars of stolen items. This included drugs, firearms and other stolen assets.


The article stated that thousands of correctional institutes and law enforcement teams wrote in testimonials. While prison technology is something I rarely (or never) think about, it was interesting to see how it had affected these people.


The Success story of Securus Technologies

The Securus Technologies firm is extensively recognized for its provision of excellent solutions concerning the betterment of the public safety together with enhancing the advancement of the expertise associated with incarceration. Various agencies have their dependence on the firm towards accessing technological solutions that are not only simple and secure but also powerful. Such solutions should be simple to use in addition to being accessible.


Following the various patents together with the performance levels of different professionals in the innovation of technological remedies, the technology utilized by the firm is outstanding. The professionals include designers, engineers, thinkers, and technologists. The firm’s mission is to lead in the provision of software solutions that are exemplary. The fact that such are of best quality offers the leading economics alongside their clienteles. At the same time, the maintenance of the most excellent customer service is enhanced across the sector.


The firm takes part in some endeavors, and this includes connecting friends with friends with family to the incarcerated, the correctional facility personnel towards critical information, linking the inmates to the present day technology. There is also the connection of the dots towards the investigative leads together with linking up emergency dispatchers with the responders to the ones in need.


As at now, it is the firm’s objective to offer service and connection through the offer of emergency responses, public information, the incident management, communication, investigation, inmate self-service, information management as well as supervising the products. This is a measure of enhancing safety across the globe.


Additionally, Dallas is in Texas and refers to the location of the Securus Technologies’ headquarters. The service of the company is quite extensive as it currently offers services to various agencies that are inclusive of law enforcement, the correctional agencies, together with those of law enforcement. These totals to three-thousand and four-hundred. As well, more than 1.2 million inmates throughout North America also beneficiaries of their services.


Rick Smith: The Man Behind The Success Of Securus Technologies

Rick Smith is a man in technology who is changing the way judicial systems work for the better. He is the CEO of Securus Technologies, a company that offers tech solutions and programs to help these organizations update their methods and streamline their processes. The main lot of clients that Securus offers their services to come from the incarceration and legal service industry. Through the services that they have provided to these customers, they have helped improve the overall system of justice in the country.

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Rick Smith was responsible for the turning point that Securus Technologies had just a few years ago. At the time, the companies biggest competitor was T-Netix. Rick Smith thought it would be best for the two largest players in the industry to join forces and work as a team. Since Rick Smith was the person who was instrumental in the whole merger, the company saw it best to appoint him as their new CEO. Rick Smith had a plan of action that he wanted to carry out for Securus Technologies and managed to do that with absolute ease. Rick Smith is a natural born leader and has used this gift to lead Securus Technologies in a direction that is favorable for its growth and development.

Rick Smith Securus is known for the exceptional leadership skills that he possesses. He has led the company beautifully, making it what it is today. This ability to lead the company comes from the year’s worth of experience that Rick Smith possesses in the field. He is extremely well versed in technology and communications which are why he was an excellent fit for Securus Technologies. Through the span of his long career, Rick Smith has worked alongside numerous companies and clients, offering them tech solutions which they can implement to streamline the amount of work at the workplace. At his position as CEO of the business, Rick Smith is tasked with making sure everything in the company is in order and running smoothly. He oversees all the work that the employees at Securus Technologies do and tries his best to ensure that the firm is always putting out the highest quality of services in all that they do.

Rick Smith has an educational background in technology, which is why he has been able to perform so well in the field. He attained an engineering degree in electronics and then went on to achieve a master’s degree in Math. After that, he started working in the sector of information technology. However, he knew that he would need a better educational background if he wanted to rise in the ranks of the company, and therefore went on to attain an MBA which has led him to the high position he is in today. Visit for more info.

The Importance Of Securus Technologies

For many people, they are fascinated with the safety field, and the latest technologies that are coming out. If they are interested in this type of information, then they will want to take Securus Technologies up on their invitation to visit their facility in Dallas, TX. When they are in the area, they will receive a presentation given by the company in order to inform them of the latest technologies they are working on, and what they will be used for. This is an excellent opportunity for the people to ask questions about the company and what they do. Since many people deal with safety issues on a regular basis, the company wanted to make sure that they had this opportunity.


They are also publishing quite a bit of the letters that they receive from people that they deal with on a regular basis. These people are also concerned about safety matters, and their letters and comments can help in many ways.


Securus Technologies is a company that takes great pride in their work. They are a leader in their field, and the government asks for their assistance on a regular basis. The company is adept at dealing with both the civil and criminal aspects of justice on a regular basis. They create new ways to deal with issues on a weekly basis. They are dedicated to achieving their goal, which is to make the world a safer place for everyone to live in. The future looks great for this company that has the highest level of standards and takes great pride in what they can do.



Securus Video Visitation Technology

A lot of people are tired of the longer time periods taken to drive to jail and waiting in long queues when visiting their incarcerated loved ones. The public seeks for convenient alternatives to schedule visits according to prison availability, as an alternative to being subjected to limited visitation periods. The public also wants their convicted relatives to experience a feeling of being home with their families and kids, even when they are still in jail.


Securus Video Visitation is the video platform developed by Securus Technologies Products and Services Company that afford children the unique chance to connect with their incarcerated fathers. Securus Video Visitation also presents the opportunity for family members to visit their imprisoned loved ones in the comfort of their homes. The video platform allows family members to remotely visit their incarcerated dear ones using a PC with a web camera, linked to the internet. Get the latest news on Linkedin about Securus.


With headquarter in Dallas, Texas, the company serves public safety, corrections, and law enforcement agencies in North America. The company Technologies provides inmate self-service, incident management, public information, biometric analysis, investigation, communication, information management, monitoring and emergency response services, and products.


 Securus Technologies Products and Services Company is now helping families to keep in touch with their imprisoned relatives, allowing inmates a chance to observe their kids mature. Through the Securus Video Visitation, convicts share family moments, which profoundly reduces prisoner reversion into criminal conduct.


Securus Video Visitation fully utilizes the internet and a web camera to allow inmates to interact with their kids using a Smartphone, tablet, or computer. The video platform has given vast opportunities for prisoners to provide the fatherly sense of warmth that is inevitable for children development.


Before an onsite-prison-visit, visitors provide their identification information and electronic photo to the prison team to suggest and limit entry, based on visitor’s conducts. The video proposal also gives prison teams the ability to examine and record prisoner communications to monitor prospective prison violence. The Securus Video Visitation interface is a gift that not only creates ground-breaking investigative settings but also gives prison teams a convenience to handle the yet cynical prison visitors. In the cases of suspicious prisoner-visitor exchanges, the prison team can also use the recorded information to speedily lock down convicts, before the end of the average appointment times. The platform also unites prison supervision techniques, guaranteeing that prisoner visits are deliberated for in the current jail time periods.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.