George Soros Advocates for Ukraine

George Soros has some bold ideas for the political and economic future of Ukraine. He is one of the country’s most vocal and well-respected advocates in its quest for maintaining its independence from Russia and achieving some lofty democratic political reforms. Soros has been involved in Ukraine for decades through his Renaissance Foundation, which was established in 1990. Through this organization, Soros sought to protect those who were targeted for political reasons and support the growth of democratic principles within the country. Now, Soros is pushing hard for the public and political leaders to pay attention to the needs of Ukraine in keeping its budding democracy alive.

Soros is very persuasive in terms of pitching Ukraine as a source of investment and political stability for all of Europe. He is genuinely amazed that European leaders have not effectively capitalized on the opportunity thus far to help guarantee a more productive and democratic future for Ukraine in order to bolster their own defenses against an aggressive Russia. Ukraine truly does serve as sort of a dividing line between Russia and the rest of Europe. As Soros puts it, the strong Ukraine appears to be in relation to Russia, the less likely Vladimir Putin will see an opportunity for future intervention in Ukraine and will focus his attention elsewhere. To this point, Soros explains that we should not soon forget just how implausible it was for Ukrainian citizens to fight off the Russian attacks in the first place. Without adequate support, Ukraine could very easily fall right back into the hands of Russian forces, which would be a serious blow to the security of all of Europe.

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Although Soros thinks that the entire EU is in a favorable position to address the need for continued assistance to Ukraine, he calls on Germany to be the ringleader. Soros explains that Germany is currently in a dominant economic position to be able to rally other countries behind the Ukrainian cause. He proposes that Germany should play a similar role in relation to Ukraine as the U.S. did for Europe after World War II with the Marshall Plan. Soros pushes for Germany to accept the burden and responsibility of leading the charge for more support for Ukraine so that the entire region can benefit from a politically and economically strong Ukraine. With a more balanced economic system, Ukraine could be a very lucrative trade opportunity in terms of serving as a new market for European exports. There are also abundant opportunities for countries to invest directly into the Ukrainian business environment and get in at the ground level with new democratic reforms. Soros takes heart in the political and economic progress being made with the Ukrainian reforms to open up both the government and economy to more opportunities. This progress would be strengthened, according to him, if Europe took a bigger leap in offering a safety net for Ukraine and allowing it to build up its new economy before demanding repayment of its war time debt.

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