Makari Skin Collection | The Industry Leader in Ethnically Based Beauty

Makari is known as Makari De Suisse. It is the premier brand in multicultural skincare. They are the industry leader out of all the others simply because they understand how to meet the beauty needs of the multicultural diversity they serve. They truly know how to speak to and serve their target audience. They named their product aptly Makari which in Swahili “Beautiful”.

The Makari skin care line focuses on evening the tone of the skin of those that have more melenine in their skin. This means from dark olive tones to cocoa color and darker. Many find their skin to be out of balance in two ways. This may be pigmentation problems, sun damage etc. Makari takes care of all of it. In their labs they tirelessly work to bring their special clients products that actually bring health to their skin.
Whitening and Skin Repair

The skin whitening and repair is what Makari is about. It gives you so much more than radiantly beautiful and healthy looking skin. Makari will reduce dark spots, fade acne scars, and acts as a very powerful anti aging product. This means it protects the dermis from the effects of UV rays and pollution in the air.

This is an exclusive product that can only be found on the official Makari website or anywhere Makari endorses.

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The Many Advantages Of Makari Skincare


If you’re on the hunt for a line of skincare that targets your issues while brightening and toning your skin, Makari is the perfect solution. Makari was created specifically for women and men of color, to supply all of their skins needs while whitening the skin- one of the main things it is known for!

Makari makes sure to use gentle ingredients in all of their products, and uses no harsh chemicals. Chemicals are proven to have negative long term effects on the skin and Makari, instead, uses natural resources such as caviar and Argan oil to ensure healthier skin. With products that target acne, scars, red spots and more, Makari does it all, while noticeably brightening and toning colored skin. No matter what your skincare needs are, this line of skincare has what you need to ensure healthier skin. It’s nice to have the availability of a skincare collection that is made for men and women of color, and can be found at various stores and on their website:

Makari de Suisse Offers Amazing Skin Whitening Products

Makari de Suisse is a cutting edge skin care line based out of Switzerland. Specifically, Makari de Suisse caters to customers with African skin tones and has been creating a loyal customer following for more than 10 years now. The main mission of Makari de Suisse is to help customers develop radiant skin that they are proud to show off.

Makari de Suisse is especially known for helping customers achieve the perfect glow as the leading brand for skin whitening cream. The Makari de Suisse skin whitening products work together brilliantly to brighten and lighten all different skin tones. With its luxury skin whitening products, Makari de Suisse hopes that its customers will feel more confident and beautiful in their own natural skin everyday. In addition to leaving skin with a gorgeous glow, the skin care products manufactured by Makari de Suisse actually make skin healthier on a long term basis. All of the Makari de Suisse skin care products have a luxurious scent and skin softening ingredients, which Makari de Suisse customers love. In fact, Makari de Suisse consistently receives wonderful reviews from customer who cannot get enough of the unique and refreshing products that Makari de Suisse offers to revitalize and energize all different types of skin.One of the most popular products offered by Makari de Suisse is the Caviar Face Lightening Cream. This skin care treasure works to hydrate skin and is the perfect choice for drier skin types. Along with adding moisture, the Caviar Face Lightening Cream works to remove dark spots, decrease dullness and smooth out coloration.