How Kevin Seawright’s Accounting and Project Management Expertise benefits Newark CDEC

Kevin Seawright is an American accounting professional who joined Newark Community Economic Development in 2015. The company is focused on creating economic development initiatives for Newark, New Jersey.

These initiatives also focus on fostering real estate and business development throughout Newark. Seawright’s expertise lies in capital management, accounting, and operation.

Seawright’s Career Background

As a project management and accounting professional, Kevin Seawright’s expertise has benefited local governments of Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, MD. He also worked in governmental real estate and education department. Besides his executive role at Newark CEDC, Seawright also serves as an advisor to the Babe Ruth Museum board.

He also coaches youth sports teams in Newark during his free time. Seawright is also a member of the National Association of Black Accountants and the National Forum for Black Public Administrators. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

Throughout his 13-year career, Kevin Seawright has been working with local government agencies on the East Coast. The Commission on Aging and Retirement for Baltimore city hired Seawright as the managing fiscal officer. During his tenure at the firm, he created and implemented a brand new accounting platform.

This platform was used to prevent money loss in the company’s accounting division. Seawright also worked for Baltimore Coty Housing Authority as the Payroll Director. He later joined the city’s Department of Recreation and Parks as the chief financial and facilities officer.

According to Market Wired, Kevin Seawright was promoted to deputy chief operating officer of Baltimore City’s education sector. He served this role for six years and relocated to Washington, DC to join Tito Contractors as the finance and human capital director.

At Tito Contractors, he gained experience in small business and real estate development. Seawright uses this knowledge to formulate development initiatives for Newark city.

About Newark CEDC

Newark CEDC was established in 2007 as the Brick City Development Corporation (BCDC). The agency was later renamed to Newark Community Economic Development Corporation in 2014. It acts as the major economic development catalyst for New Jersey’s Newark city.

The company’s mission is to enhance the capacity of minority and small businesses. Its mission is also to influence real estate growth in the 20 neighborhoods of Newark city.