Doug Levitt’s “The Greyhound Diaries” Chart A 21st Century Depression

Doug Levitt has always been quick to point out he has been inspired in his artistic works by the Depression era federal arts programs that allowed artists to travel the U.S. and record social problems throughout the Depression. Levitt himself believes the U.S. has seen a small depression over the years since the 2008 economic downturn; Doug Levitt himself has been on the road creating “The Greyhound Diaries” since 2008 and began describing his experiences as taking place during an “early depression” that went unnoticed by many in the media industry Doug was once a part of.


Alongside the release of a range of materials that form the basis of “The Greyhound Diaries” Doug Levitt has become a campaigner for a range of social issues, including homeless shelters where Doug has performed on a regular basis as he makes his way around the U.S. by Greyhound bus. “The Greyhound Diaries” have also begun to bridge the gap between the early career of Levitt as a journalist and broadcaster, and his current artistic life through the many appearances Doug has made on many of the top news media channels in the U.S. During his appearances with CNN and Fox News Doug Levitt has explained a large amount about the social problems in the U.S. and the work he has created based on his encounters with everyday people riding buses. The growth of the U.S. economy since the 2008 economic downturn has not been spotted by Doug Levitt as he has created his journalistic art of “The Greyhound Diaries”.


Doug Levitt grew up in Washington D.C. and saw his parents play a major role in the community as his mother spent many years as a City Council member; however, Levitt is also quick to explain the shock he felt when embarking on the first journey for “The Greyhound Diaries” as Washington D.C. is often cocooned from any economic issues because of its status as the U.S. capital. The former Fulbright Scholarship holder has stated he felt a disconnect from the U.S. as a whole after spending much of his adult life living and working in London as a journalist prior to embarking on “The Greyhound Diaries”.