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Currently making waves in the mobile industry is FreedomPop, an LA based company that offers free cell phone service options and free hotspot options to the average user. Founded in 2012, this mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) doesn’t own wireless infrastructure so it instead purchases its data, SMS and voice capacity from Sprint at wholesale prices, and then turns around to offer them to their users through their free plans or through one of their premium packages. These plans are currently available in the US and UK, with plans in the works to expand all over the world.


There is a great FreedomPop review if you want to go here, but here’s the basics: Offering both their paid and free versions, FreedomPop is offering real options when it comes to finding a mobile and wireless plan that will fit your budget. Their free cell service offers 500 MB of 4G data, 200 voice mail minutes and unlimited texting, with no contracts or cancellation fees. If that doesn’t seem like a lot of data to you, then you should know there are ways to increase your data, like paying 0.02 per extra MB, inviting friends to join, which earns you 10 free MB per month for every friend or you could complete offers like taking surveys or downloading software to earn free data from services like Netflix,, and online games and newsletters.


There are also some great paid options, like the $5.00 per month WiFi calling which doesn’t use cell towers but instead uses your WiFi connection to send and receive calls and texts. This would be a great option for those who live in metropolitan areas. There is also the $10.99 per month unlimited talk and text with 500 MB of data, which offers a free one month trial and the $20.00 per month unlimited talk and text with 1GB of data. The nice thing about this plan is that there are no extra fees if you go over your data, but you will notice some slower speeds as you move from 4G to 3G.


The internet service options also include a free plan, the Basic 500 MB which runs on 4G with extra data costing 2 cents per MB, the Pro 500 MB plan which costs $3.99 per month after a free month trial, uses both 3G and 4G and also costs and extra 2 cents for extra MB. The last option is the Premium 2 GB at $19.99 per month after your free month trial. There are also several options for devices, with refundable deposit prices ranging from $39.99-$129.99.


Due to their connection to Sprint, all Sprint devices are compatible with FreedomPop and can be switched over. If you don’t have one you can head over to their website which offers a huge variety of phones, tablets and devices for you to choose from.

Choosing FreedomPop For Wireless Service Is A Good Choice

Anyone shopping around for a wireless carrier may be facing many challenges, including finding a carrier that has a reasonable price. Since most people want unlimited cell phone service, they want a service carrier that has a good price for the service. Teenagers are a set of people that really could use wireless services, especially since many of them will talk endlessly to friends and family members on the phone. Families that want to put teenagers on wireless plans that are unlimited but affordable should turn to FreedomPop. With the unlimited plan from FreedomPop, a single line will only cost $20 each month.

Comparing FreedomPop to any other company is not really possible because they are in a league of their own. Not only does FreedomPop have extremely low prices on standard services but great services as well. While others are charging up to $100 to give unlimited cell phone services to their customers, FreedomPop is only charging $20 per month, and the services are very reliable with clear call quality as well. FreedomPop is proud to offer their services to their current customers as well as to new customers who are willing to give them a try.

Unlike many other wireless carriers, FreedomPop doesn’t only have cell phone service but other services as well. With portable hotspots, Wi-Fi service, tablets, cell phones, and even free cell phone service, FreedomPop truly has it all. Those who have a need for cell phone service but can’t afford the bills can sign up with FreedomPop for the free cell phone service that they offer. There is no income requirements to get the free cell phone service, so anyone can choose the service if they want it to use with their standard phone or a smartphone.

The free cell phone service will include 500 text messages, 200 talk minutes, and 500 MB of data. Those who get the Wi-Fi service will enjoy a secure service that’s accessed through an application and is unlimited for those who pay the $5 monthly fee. Anyone who wants home Internet service will receive 1 GB of free data on top of any service plan that they choose from FreedomPop.

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