Omar Boraie: New Brunswick’s Local Hero

Omar Boraie is the visionary patriarch and president of Boraie Development LLC. The 73 year old entrepreneur and real estate mogul is considered a town hero in the up and coming community of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Through hard work, persistence, and an exemplary vision, Boraie has managed to transform the heart of a once dilapidated city into a thriving metropolis and business mecca.

Boraie first discovered the idea for the development project on while studying abroad in Europe as a chemistry student. Boraie was fascinated by the close-knit communities in Europe and the way the most run-down areas seemed to be rejuvenated through commercial build-outs. Shortly after his trip, he began to pitch his vision to locals. The local government scoffed at Boraie’s idea to rebuild a dying New Brunswick. Not only did it seem like a risky and impossible project on, but Boraie had a science background and was not yet an established businessman. In addition, the history of the city made the idea difficult to comprehend.

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The critics did not stop Boraie from pursuing his dream. He began to buy the vacated buildings on Albany Street and developed them into prime time office space. This change provided a refreshing perspective to the New Brunswick citizens. Boraie realized that continued growth would only come with the addition of more retail and residential spaces on In 2007, his team completed a 21 story mixed use condominium style building that sold out all 121 residential units in just a few short months.

Looking forward, Omar Boraie sees a bright future for New Brunswick and plans to continue to develop the area. He has plans for adding several more mixed use buildings as well as landscape and glamour additions to provide some aesthetics to the area. Ultimately, the goal is to make New Brunswick an area where young and successful people feel they can stay for the long-term.

While Boraie’s primary contributions lie in development, he also contributes in many other ways. Most recently he was named Chair in Genomic Science at Rutgers. This honor takes him back to his science-minded roots and is considered the gold standard in higher education. Boraie donates to the foundation in support of continuing cancer research and has been highly recognized for his generosity.

Overall Omar Boraie is a phenomenal businessman, visionary, and philanthropist. His efforts have made a huge impact in the city of New Brunswick and his contributions will be felt and admired for many years to come.