Eric Lefkofsky And The Growth of Tempus Labs

There are plenty of ways to deal with the cure for cancer today. Some of the ways of the medical practitioners involve trial and error. Some want to go with ancient methods. The modern life’s way is to use technology. One of the many impressive tech companies today that are leading in its cancer medicine research is Tempus Labs.

Tempus Labs is a Chicago-based company that has built itself a name in leading the path to research cures for cancer. C0-founded by Eric Lefkofsky, it is the mission of Tempus Labs to find the real answers to the most significant questions that dictate how to cure the people with cancer. With Tempus Labs approach, there may be a possible and fast way to find the cure just by using big data today.

Big Data Analytics

The great thing about the modern data systems we have today is the ease we have to access them. We can just get all the information we need from our doctors in a blink of an eye. Tempus Labs is one of those companies. It is the company that three years ago was just a budding start-up, but right now is one of Chicago’s most influential business innovators that showcase the future of cancer research. With Tempus Labs focus on biopsy of DNA that has no cell in them, and in the tumor sequencing of RNA, it is easy to say how Tempus Labs can be the most promising and state of the art technology business in the world today.

It is also the hope of the company to build with collaborators. The Big Data that the company has is not enough. It needs to team up with companies and non-profits like the National Cancer Institute’s comprehensive cancer institutions. It wants to achieve a high-level cancer testing that won’t ruin the budget of the patients’ involved.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Being the co-founder and CEO of Tempus means that Mr. Eric is responsible for the company’s consistent growth and innovation. He also must make sure that the predictive analytics platforms he makes will stand the test of time.

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