As an international investment banking company, Madison Street Capital arranged a minority as well as clients subordinated debt business for Ares Security Corporation. Ares Security Corporation focuses on risk management to all its customers. It also offers complete security software solutions. Corbel Capital Partners provided the minority recapitalization.


According to Reginald McGaugh, working directly to provide this investment with Ares Security Shareholder and President was a great honor. He explains that Ares Security is a different firm that protects the most critical assets in the world. In return, the Madison Street Capital reputation has continued to thrive regardless of the market state.


The Ares Security president, Ben Eazzetta, thanks the team working at Madison Street Capital for all the completed tasks. He expresses his gratitude throughout the entire process such as valuation analysis, capital raising process and the initial due diligence. Eazzetta comments on the diligence and hard work of finding them the ideal financing partner. To him, the future with their new capital structure seems very impressive.


Ares merging with Corbel to innovatively from the investment was the most appropriate way to create a reasonable equity value. Ares determined that Corbel’s operationally-supportive partnership and the flexible capital solution would enable the firm in continuing its sales momentum.


About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a global investment banking company. The company is committed to excellence, integrity, financial opinions as well as valuation services to privately and publicly held organizations. Through these services, its clients are positioned towards success in the international marketplace. By undertaking every new project, the goals and the objectives of the clients become theirs. These goals range from successful capital raises and financial advisory to M&A ownership transfers to transactions. To the company, new markets are the element that drives the international growth of their clients. Through professional standards of their services, Madison Street Capital has gained their customers trust worldwide.


The company understands corporate finance’s time sensitivity. It is also to respond tenaciously and quickly to opportunities. Through their approach in creating corporate finance transactions ensures that both business investors and owners benefit. Experience their knowledge, relationships, and experience in matching sellers and buyers. You can as well experience the same in matching ideal capitalization and financing structure to every unique situation of the client.


Ares Security Corporation

The Ares Security Corporation is headquartered in Vienna. The organizations focus on protecting the most critical assets of the world. It safeguards every system operated by the transportation, government, nuclear and energy industries.


Corbel Structured Equity Partners

Corbel Capital Partners was founded in 2013. It is a structured investment fund making control investments in significant personally owned middle-market firms.