Throwing A Party? Follow These Expert Tips

With such a wide variety of event planning companies in NYC to choose from, it’s no surprise that most people turn to professional planners when it’s time to throw a party. Twenty Three Layers, one of the most popular party and corporate event planners in NYC, is a team of creative experts who can turn any party into a glorious success with the latest trends and superb organizational skills.


Twenty Three Layers is a full-service event planning company, meaning that they can provide any service that you may need for an event. Whether it’s catering, photography or musical entertainment, Twenty Three Layers can do it all.


If you simply cannot afford to hire a professional event planner, there’s no need to worry. We asked a professional party planner for their industry secrets and expert tips when it comes to throwing a stress-free, unforgettable party in your very own home.



Organization is Everything


Even if you’re only hosting a handful of your closest friends, staying organized from day one is key. Spreadsheet software allows you to stay on top of shopping lists, the dietary restrictions of your guests and more.



Keep Decor Simple


There’s no need to blow all of your budget on decor. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to find online tutorials that will help you create DIY decor pieces with inexpensive materials.



Finger Foods Never Fail


If you want to provide your guests with delicious food but you aren’t exactly a culinary expert, stick to yummy finger foods that will satisfy your guests for hours. Be sure to pick out menu items that can be made the night before your party so that you won’t be rushing around in the kitchen hours before your guests arrive.



Make a Signature Cocktail


If you want to provide guests with an alternative to beer and wine but don’t want to blow your budget on a wide variety of liquor, create one signature cocktail that incorporates some luxurious ingredients. This signature cocktail can reflect the tone and theme of your party.





Thanks to these expert tips, throwing a party doesn’t have to be an intimidating, overwhelming experience. These words of wisdom will allow you to entertain your guests without feeling exhausted before they even arrive.

Event Planning Made Simple

Planning an event can be stressful, hectic, and at times tiring. In this article I will provide guidelines for organized event planning.

Know Your Theme – Before you think of how many people to invite or where to host your event, having a clear cut theme in mind will keep you focused in planning and budget. I think simplicity is best.

The Venue – Venue will depend on the quantity of people who will be attending. Most places are usually booked out a month in advance or more so doing your homework early will really pay off. If the weather is nice for the event, city parks will let you reserve outdoor space for free use. Make sure wherever you book there is enough parking to make the event accessible, and your venue has an adequate amount of bathrooms for your guests.

Organization – Organization and time are your best friends. Having a notebook that can hold all of your event details ties every aspect of your planning together in one place for easy reference. The Internet is a big asset in comparing prices on decorations, food or services for the best deal.

Delegating Tasks – It is always a beneficial idea to have at least two people who can help with food preparation, decorating, or other tasks to be completed. Be specific in what you would like to achieve. It takes the stress off the helper avoids confusion and delay.

Food and Drink – Finger foods are normally best for an event as your party guests can stand and mingle while eating. Offer a nice variety of foods to ensure everyone eats. If your event is bigger and you have it in your budget, you could enlist a caterer’s help.

With organized planning, your event will run smoother and you will be able to relax and enjoy the party.

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