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Anyone interested in further cancer subjects are highly encouraged to read more intriguing cancer articles by CTCA via WebMD soon. This educational collaborative is gaining many interested followers. This is an age where most people want to be more informed on pertinent healthcare topics. Cancer is a leading concern for many around the world. Having a safe, credible and easy to understand online site is a blessing to many individuals today. Cancer Treatment Centers of America continues its quest to increase knowledge regarding cancer worldwide to aid in decreasing the deaths from cancer that occur every year around the globe.

A first time cancer diagnosis can be an extremely frightening time both for the individuals that have the cancer, and their many worried family members and close friends. Knowing that there are more options in cancer treatments these days enables cancer victims to have more choices in the kinds of cancer care that they choose. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is one cancer provider offering holistic approaches to cancer care so that each individual is treated as a unique person. This organization firmly believes that cancer can be eradicated in our lifetime. The organization has many ongoing cancer research projects and forward thinking clinical trials each year. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has always understood the patients’ need for timely and correct cancer information. By teaming their unique resources with WebMD, CTCA is working to make a difference in the level of education on cancer subjects that most individuals not in healthcare fields understand.

Higher levels of cancer knowledge can lower unnecessary cancer deaths due to lack of appropriate cancer treatment healthcare providers and the general public knowledge of cancer that typically leads to more diagnoses at early time frames in the disease courses. Earlier diagnosis, swifter treatment initiation and better cancer care support systems all contribute to cancer patients overall well being.Oftentimes, the worried families and others close to the patient have many questions and wonder how they can help. CTCA not only provides outstanding care care to cancer patients, they have pertinent supportive systems that can help family members and other friends learn ways to assist the cancer patient. Once a cancer treatment is completed, CTCA offers continuing support through its many community outreach programs and additional cancer supportive therapies and groups. Cancer Treatment Centers of America leads the way in this cancer education promotion with WebMD.

Omar Boraie continues to transform News Brunswick through his 1.5 million pledge in Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey

Omar Boraie, the leading real estate developer, and philanthropist from New Jersey has been playing a crucial role in transforming New Brunswick through his social initiates. In a report by Yahoo, he has been working for last few decades to rejuvenate the community of New Brunswick by renovating some properties in this area. While most of the people had given up their hope with this community and county, it was Boraie who had a clear vision and idea on how to improve the condition. Through his real estate development projects, he has changed the horizon of this community and now many people are considering New Brunswick as a place to start a new life. But Boraie is not satisfied with this only. He has some philanthropic initiatives through which he is helping the community. Very recently he has made a pledge of 1.5 million to the Rutgers Cancer Institute.

According to a news published in Newswise on October 21, 2015, the Rutgers University in New Jersey has initiated a campaign of 18 chair challenge, where it will create a total of 18 chairs named after donors and raise $3 million dollars for each of them. While genomic science and precision medicine have been making some revolutionary breakthroughs to treat cancer, it was always facing problems with funding. Some people including ex-President Barack Obama made a couple of initiatives to accelerates funding for cancer research. Also, the research institutes and universities are also coming forward with their campaign such as the 18-chair challenge from Rutgers Cancer Institute.

According to NY Times, as a part of this campaign, the Institute has created a chair named for Omar Boraie, and Omar has already made a $1.5 million pledge for this.  Omar himself has a keen interest in cancer research, and he also has a relevant academic background in chemistry as well. He is quite hopeful that the success of Rutgers Cancer Institute with precision medicine for patients with non-responsive cancer could be applied to other patients as well. Boraie has been a fundamental contributor behind reshaping New Brunswick as the “Health Care City, ” and his $1.5 million pledge to this cancer institute will certainly motivate others to come forward in the fight against cancer. For his effort, the Director of Rutgers Cancer Institute, Robert S. DiPaola has expressed heartfelt gratitude to Boraie and his family.

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