Alexandre Gama’s Successful Career In Communications And Advertising

Alexandre Gama is a Brazilian creative professional and entrepreneur. He is well-known for his prowess in communications and advertising. His company, Neogama, is also reputed in the communications and advertising sector in Brazil and beyond. He currently holds the position of CEO at Neogama.

Gama’s Background and Career

Gama’s career in advertising started back in 1982, with a job at Standard Ogilvy & Mather. He worked there as a creative, as well as a copywriter. In 1990, he started on his second job at DM9, where he worked both as a copywriter and a creative director. He worked at DM9 for about 4 years, and during that period, he got awarded for being one of the best copywriters of his time. Other places where Gama has worked before include Almap BBDO and Young & Rubicam.


When Alexandre Gama started his company, Neogama, in 1999, he did not know that it would grow into the company it is today. The agency has received many international awards, and recognition from various quarters. For instance, the agency was the first of its kind in Brazil to win a Lion during the Cannes Festival. This was during its first year of operation. Alexandre Gama continues to transform the communications and advertising sector in Brazil through his company.

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Apt Cancer Care by Tempus; Eric Lefkofsky

Cancer has been repetitively described is a cellular dysfunction where body cells tend to metastasize and grow in an uncontrolled and abnormal way. This forms masses (tumors) that can spread quickly around the body causing inhibiting cellular function. Well, cancer is one among many diseases that have challenged medics and on the other end is a societal burden. The relief is that researchers have advanced information on cancer treatment and management that has made cure efforts achievable.

Eric Lefkofsky developed the interest in cancer management after a relative was diagnosed with cancer. He is a co-founder of Tempus; a startup technology-based medical company mandated to provide a reliable course of advanced cancer treatment where cancer patients can follow. This company was established in 2015 and has been ranked among top ten tech startup companies in Chicago. This is alongside Avant – Financial tech and SMS Assist – cloud-based tech companies.

Tempus operates through a software program than safely store each patient’s treatment data. This makes it easy to offer personalized care to each cancer patient since their profile comprehensively covers all procedures and treatment they have gone through. The software also scrutinizes cellular and clinical data to establish a thesis researchers can work on. Tempus is positive that someday we will achieve an end to end solution. It collaboratively works with Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center, Northwestern clinic and the School of Medicine, Duke University and the University of Michigan.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur and a technological enthusiast. He is the co-founder of Groupon, Echo Global Logistics,, Lightbank, InnerWorkings, and MediaBank. He is also the co-founder of Tempus, a company that has completely embraced technological advancement and aim at providing better care to cancer patients.

Guru Eric Lefkofsky attained an undergraduate and juris doctor degree at Ann Arbor – University of Michigan. He has lectured medical students at North Western University, University of Chicago and DePaul University. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation has been serving communities through the provision of quality education, medical services and enlightenment on cultural values. He is a regent to the Chicago Children’s Hospital, The Giving Pledge and Steppenwolf Theatre Company.