About Ronald Fowlkes, Business Development Manager for Eagle Industries Unlimited

Ronald Fawlkes of St. Louis, Missouri is currently a Business Development Manager for Eagle Industries Unlimited in St. Louis. However, Fawlkes a background in a variety of fields, from law enforcement and tactical training to defense contracting.


Ronald Fawlkes’ career path has largely been aligned with the military and law enforcement. He is a veteran of the First Gulf War who served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1989 to 1993, receiving meritorious promotions on two separate occasions. His military training is wide-ranging, including but not limited to Marine Combat Infantry training, basic Engineers training, Army parachute training and ANGLICO training (Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company.) He conducted parachute reconnaissance missions as part of the 1st ANGLICO unit.


Fawlkes also served in law enforcement with both the St. Louis County and St. Louis Metropolitan Police Departments. During his thirteen years of service with St. Louis police forces, he became a certified instructor for tactical rifle training, ‘shoot house,’ and barricaded subjects, as well as hostage crises and SWAT/urban warfare tactics. He spent seven of his years with St. Louis Metropolitan serving on the HRT team, which is responsible for investigations into gang activity, drug trafficking and gun violence, among other duties.


His extensive combat and tactical experience helps Fawlkes to continue to serve the military as an instructor in various fields, from tactical operations to hostage rescue and evidence collection. However, Fawlkes’ work has also crossed over from law enforcement and tactics to business. He began his business career as a defense contractor for the U.S. Army in Iraq, JIEDDO, the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization.


Beginning in 2008, Fowlkes began his tenure as a Business Development Manager for Eagle Industries Unlimited, where he specializes in law enforcement products as well as commercial products. His duties as Business Development Manager include providing customer service, offering sales training for company personnel and selecting products for design and sale. His previous experience serves him well when it comes to product selection for law enforcement agencies, as he is able to bring an insider’s perspective that other Eagle personnel lack.


Today, Fawlkes continues to serve in his current position with Eagle Unlimited, and he also continues to provide training for law enforcement officers. In his limited free time, Ronald remains as involved as possible with his favorite sport, hockey. He coaches his son’s hockey team in St. Louis, and he recent used his knowledge of hockey to contribute to Medium.com, writing an article about the announcement of a joint North-South Korean hockey team for the upcoming Winter Olympics.


David Osio A Successful Man

In the year 1988 David Osio graduated with honors from Catholic University Andres Bello in Caracas. His early career started in Venezuela. In Venezuela he was titled Director for Legal Desk MGO. There he helped provide advice that had to do with legal matters. Later on he completed learning at Higher Administration Studies in Caracas. By the year 2010 he continued with his studies at New York Institute of Finance.

David Osio is a highly respected businessman. He is continuing to put amazing effort towards positive change globally. David Osio is well-known and respected for his contributions towards music, craftsmanship, therapeutical research, and the community.

For over two years David Osio has been continuously working with an organization that strives to better individuals, craftsmanship, and diversity within the communities. David Osio is very knowledgeable and brilliant at developing economic possibilities. Currently, he continues to reach out globally towards organizations associated with beneficial charities. David Osio has been a great supporter for the Miami Symphony Orchestra for several years. He is also an active supporter for The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. David Osio strongly believes that any amount of contribution is helpful when going towards medical help and research for children. He hopes that in time many individuals can band together to make a great economic change for beneficial charities. He has also made donations for UMA Foundation, Wayuu Taya, and Fundana Foundation. David Osio has made immense contributions towards art organizations. Saludarte Foundation of Art which is located in Miami has been founded by David Osio. He has founded its latest artwork pieces by Carlos Cruz Diez. David Osio has contributed towards many organizations throughout the years. He has received many global honors and recognitions as well.

David Osio has also established Davos Financial Group. He is the CEO of this amazing company. He is very involved with making sure the company is maintaining continuous success. Also, he is regularly making sure the company is continuing its successful prosperity in the global and domestic markets. He continues to contribute great success towards the income growth of Davos Financial Group. He has also been able to continue the possibility of the company being able to expand strategically with Lisbon, Miami, New York, Panama City, and Geneva. He is a an amazing, skilled, and knowledgeable businessman.

In conclusion, David Osio is a hardworking, successful, and dedicated individual that continues to achieve great success.

Raj Fernando’s Guide to Choosing the Best Employee

Raj Fernando is a successful businessperson based in Chicago. Mr. Fernando started his career in the investment industry where he first joined a trading firm, Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade, as a volunteer. He worked in the trading companies from 1996 to 2003.

Raj later left the comfort of employment to start building his name in the business world. He established his first company, Chopper Trading, which he would later sell to DRW. He again started up an internet start-up, scoutahead.com that provides online reviews and survey services to its clients.

Raj’s companies have been successful in attaining remarkable growth and being among leading service providers in the industry. The success of his companies is due to his outstanding teambuilding skills demonstrated when selecting new employees.

During employee selection, Raj Fernando believes in three principal steps to get the best candidates. The first one requires the recruiting team to show a good picture of themselves.

After getting the best candidates, they schedule a lengthy interview where they get to identify the specific skills in each candidate. Mr. Fernando’s team looks for candidates who exhibit technical expertise and sound personal values. To identify the candidate’s skills, Fernando holds general talks, brain teasers, and asks the candidates business oriented questions that are used to unearth a candidate’s approach to addressing various business issues.

In the last step of the interview, candidates get to interact with existing employees. The employees are given a chance to assess the candidates fit to join them. For this reason, the companies face minimal employee turnover. Most people, after joining Fernando’s pool of experts, leave the team when they retire.

Due to the standard employee selection exercise, only the candidates who are passionate about giving the best results are picked. Besides being a prolific businessperson, Raj Fernando is also a philanthropist who supports many organizations. For instance, he is a governing member of Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Ken Goodgame Leads True Value Hardware Corporation to New Levels

Ken Goodgame is the Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer of Chicago based, True Value Hardware Corporation. From 2013 to 2015 he developed cross functional groups to build a 5-year corporate plan for long term growth at the company. He handles all marketing, merchandising, print advertising pricing and private labeling for the firm. Kenneth Goodgame also rebuilt the entire merchandising team at True Value. During this time, he turned around a low performing buying team, and got them revved-up and more productive. He implemented programs to stimulate the retail outlets to more productivity as well.

Goodgame has built True Value up to a global brand by focusing on his consumer based principals and customer awareness. He is a well-known brand builder, and True Value has been a major benefactor of his efforts. He has pushed very hard to get True Value turned around so that it is a known name in many neighborhoods.

Ken received his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Marketing from the University of Tennessee, at Knoxville. He then worked for Ace Hardware in Oak Brook, IL from 2010 to 2013. He handled the monitoring of profits and losses in global purchasing. He worked for Tetronic Industries, in South Carolina from 2008 to 2010. He was President of Direct Tools Factory outlets.

Ken was President and General Manager of Rubbermaid in 2004. He worked from 1994 to 2002 as the Senior Global Product Merchant at Home Depot in Georgia. He helped increase consumer purchasing while with the company. Ken’s vast experience and expertise in consumer products and marketing have helped him accomplish great things for the companies he was affiliated with, and he will continue to help True Value expand their brand. Ken’s experience as an Operations Management leader will serve him well into the future.

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A Brief Look At Brazilian Firm Eucatex

What Is Eucatex?

Eucatex is a Brazilian multinational company that has its corporate headquarters in the city of Sao Paulo. The company also has regional offices in the towns of Belo Horizonte and Bento Gonçalves. Three manufacturing plants are also found in Brazil. These are in the towns of Botucatu and Salto. Eucatex also has two forestry divisions and its own seedling nursery. Its seedling nursery is found in the village of Bofete, while the forestry divisions are found in Salto and Butucatu.

Officially incorporated in 1951, Eucatex traces its origins to a small sawmill in the town of Salto, Sao Paulo State that was founded in 1923. In the present age, Eucatex employs thousands of people in major cities in Brazil and abroad. It is also a major employer in small towns in Brazil where its manufacturing and wood harvesting takes place.

What Products Does Eucatex Provide?

Eucatex produces a wide variety of products that ranges from ceiling tiles, laminate flooring, wood boards for the construction industry and hardboards. The company also produces its own line of paints and varnishes. Eucatex recently started producing a line of baseboards under the ACQUA brand and also manufactures doors and door jambs.

Who Is Leading Eucatex Right Now?

The current president of Eucatex is a Brazilian native called Flavio Maluf. Mr. Maluf has been with the company for many, many years. He has worked in many departments at Eucatex.

Few presidents of any company know the operations of their firms inside and out like Flavio Maluf does. Mr. Flavio Maluf is also big on technology. He believes that technology can help drive the company to new heights. He has helped install new conveyor belt systems in Eucatex manufacturing plants to increase both safety and productivity.

Flavio Maluf’s educational background includes mechanical engineering which he studied in Brazil. He also went abroad to study finance, trade and accounting at New York University. Mr. Maluf has both the technical and business knowledge needed to lead a company like Eucatex which relies on manufacturing and exports to turn a profit.

Jim Hunt and VTA Publications Provide Leading Training on Trading

There are a number of individuals who provide investment advice and training. One of these experts is Jim Hunt. Jim is a well known investment expert who specializes in trading stocks and options. Over the course of his career as an investment expert he has found ways to maximize returns on trades and earn a profit very consistently. With his expertise he has been able to make a couple of programs that help investors find very effective ways to evaluate stocks, measure their performance and then make trades that result in a profit a vast majority of the time. Therefore Jim Hunt is a leading authority on trading with success.

What makes Jim Hunt a leading finance and investing expert is the program that he has made. One of his most well known programs is the SV 60 program which helps investors easily evaluate stocks and then make trades that can result in a return every time. Therefore Hunt has found a way to ensure that investors have a guideline to follow which will result in trading profits on a regular basis. As well as the SV 60 program, Hunt has made the Pyjama Profits program which allows an investor to trade their funds and then get their profits overnight.

VTA Publications recently released a video about a stock chart. During a span of 46 seconds viewers will look at a chart of a particular stock. This video will also show a few screens that show more information about the stock. At the end of the video, viewers see an icon being clicked which shows currency rates.

The company VTA Publications has existed for nearly one decade and is one of the top investment education companies on the internet. This company is located in the United Kingdom and offers investment courses and seminars to people worldwide. With its customer support it is able to help answer any questions that anyone has about the courses. With this company you will not only get courses about investing but also articles about the most recent information along with seminars that go into details about the course material. A combination of these offerings are sure to help investors get the knowledge they need in order to get more out of making money through investing.

Kevin Seawright: Looking Out for Others

Kevin Seawright has always been a man with a plan and he likes to put that plan into place. He knows that everything requires timing, planning, and precision. He recently announced that the plan has been successful in offering affordable homes with the recent addition of yet another first-time homeowner in the Baltimore community. You see, Kevin takes pride in allowing others to live out their dreams. To many, living in a home is something that they thought they never would have been able to accomplish. It was only a pipe dream. Thanks to Kevin, it is a dream come true.

This all started for Kevin in 2015 when he created the joint partnership venture RPS Solutions LLC. The goal was to build up the housing market and give back to Baltimore. That’s the wonderful thing about Kevin. He has always been about saving up for the future, looking out for the future, and preparing for it. He also been about giving back if possible. Nothing puts a smile on his face more than when he hands the keys over to a first-time homeowner. He knows he is making a difference and really helping someone in a way they probably never thought possible.

Kevin is a dream maker and it is good to know that people like him are out there. With his help, Baltimore can be an exciting place to live and a place to raise a loving, healthy, and happy family. He is out there, making a difference, and being a positive influence. Quite frankly, we need more people like him who actually do what they say and put their money where their mouth is. Kevin Seawright is a man of his word and not afraid to take any and all challenges that may come his way. In fact, he embraces them head on and defeats them. With him at the helm, Baltimore is not only going to survive, but it is going to thrive.

Brad Reifler Explains How To Become A Successful Investor

Anyone who wants to make money understands the importance of putting their investment dollars to good use. To that end, there is no one formula that fits all. At the same time, there are some individuals that have had much more success than others, and they are often willing to offer helpful advice to the investment community. Brad Reifler is one such individual. He works to help keep any losses associated with an investment to a minimum, while maximizing the potential for a positive return.

The advice Reifler recently has offered his readers centers on the notion that investors must avail themselves of sound investing principles in order to acquire solid financial gains. This is done in an effort to avoid repetitive losses. One tip that he presented in a recent newsletter encourages investors to avoid investing all of their money in the stock market.

Brad Reifler is currently the Founder and CEO of Forefront Capital. Through his years of professional experience, he has become knowledgeable in both areas of the investment market that investors typically concern themselves with. His desire is to help individual investors become among the one percent that are actually able to obtain the government mandated capital that is necessary to invest in public and commodity funds, as well as hedge funds. He works hard to help people avoid becoming a part of the ninety-nine percent of the investor population that is simply unable to gain direct access to those same funds.

Wikipedia makes evident much of Reifler’s passion in this area comes from his own experience as a 529-college savings plan investor. He desired to make use of available tax laws to begin putting money aside early for his two daughters to one day attend university.

Brad Reifler now focuses his Twitter advice on the non-accredited investors out there who have largely been overlooked by many of the current investment vehicles currently afforded to them. He is working to enact change in this regard. Until policies are rewritten, he continues to offer investment advice designed to make a positive impact on one’s overall portfolio.  Brad Reifler can be contacted through CrunchBase.