Doe Deere Talks To Her Many Fans About Her Storied Career

A career in fashion is one that many people aspire to today. Fashion can be an exciting field full of artistic expression and the opportunity to be part of community of people who love design and color. Such is the case of modern makeup entrepreneur Doe Deere. Deere is the founder of Lime Crime, operator of their blog, and is someone who has fully embraced the world of fashion. In turn, she has been embraced happily by legions of fans happy to seek out her many ideas for inspiration and the opportunity to learn from her skills. As she talks about in a recent issue of Galore Magazine, she knew the road to fashion would be hard but she wanted to be there from the very first.

A Life’s Work

Deere is someone who has devoted her entire life to fashion. As she knows full well, fashion is about many things. For Deere, fashion means about living her life out loud and in color. She uses her working knowledge of this field to demonstrate her personal philosophy of the creation of a look. She knows that it is possible to take an ordinary look that might be drab and unappealing and bring it to the next level with the use of color. As she recounts in the interview, she also knows that is important to be brave and willing to stand up for one’s ideals when being part of this world.

Makeup As Fun

Most of all, Deere knows that it is important to be yourself and have fun in life.  This is why she is always pushing boundaries with her use of makeup. She knows that her many fans rely on her in order to help them discover what it is possible to do using makeup of all kinds. She shows that makeup can be used to take a mundane day and help make it feel happier and lighter. Her many Tumblr fans at Lime Crime would agree with her.  Check them out on Facebook too, for more up to date news.

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