The Career And Business Triumphs Of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is the CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation. His approach for the design process is fueled by his passion and the attention he gives to details. His experience includes design development, in site and building design, contract administration and procurement.

Brian is a leader in his field and helps his clients, the members of his team and his project partners to reach their goals. His portfolio consists of retail commercial, multi family housing and aviation.

Cambridge’s Who’s Who named Brian Bonar as the Executive of The Year in Finance. This honor was based on his accomplishments, academic achievements and leadership abilities.

Brian Bonar’s experience encompasses three decades in the financial sector and his responsibilities include employer and employee benefits and aftermarket products. His programs have increased business efficiency and include risk management insurance and services for business management.

Brian Bonar attended Stafford University where he earned his Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has founded numerous enterprises and made a smooth transition to a business consultant.

Brian Bonar’s career started as a procurement manager at IBM. After he left he became the Director of Engineering at QMS. He managed 100 engineers in the software field for four years. He left the position in 1989 and went to work for the Rastek Corporation as the Vice President for Sales and Marketing.

He was responsible for the printing technology for customers worldwide. This was when he became highly involved in the industry of printing and became a sales manager for Adaptec. He worked with the printing manufacturers in Korea and Japan.

Brian Boner went out on his own a year later. He founded Bezier Systems in 1994 and his company was the first one to create and then market a SCSI based printer. One year later he was again working with the Japanese and Korean printer manufacturers.

This came when he went to work for Allegiant Professional Business Services as the company president with a goal of improving the marketing and services of the business.

When Brian Bonar worked for Allegiant and ITEC imaging technologies he founded and managed AMS Outsourcing. The company was based in San Diego, California. At the time he was also the CEO for Dalrada Financial Services which was the company he founded in 1999.

His focus at Dalrada was to create and improve the management strategies for direct sales. His responsibilities increased in 2011 when he became the CEO and Chairman for Trucept. Trucept is a provider of temporary staff and insurance products for companies located in San Diego, California.

UKV PLC; Expert Team of Wine Consultants

If you are a wine expert, when it comes to judging the quality of the fine wine, you understand the magnitude of investing in a superior quality wine especially from the reputable UKV PLC wineries in the UK. Purchasing and collecting the grade wines from UKV PLC comes with great benefits for you which include: You get to invest in a tangible product that you can conveniently access. Better still, UKV PLC can store your wine collection under your bonded account in an independent warehouse. You will have a collection that is completely insured. Also, the wine consultants are ready to offer their wisdom and will guide you to purchase and collect high-quality wine bottles that will give you a fortune in the future.Still, it’s the antiquity of wine that makes it stand out as superior quality. So, UKV offers you that opportunity to start your wine collection early that will give you a 12-15% capital gain. You can even purchase it online, and it’s stored for you, and if you need a valuation of your collection, we will do it as a complimentary service for your loyalty with us. Furthermore, your wine collection will never run out of taste. As a private investor, your gains will not have any tax impositions. You are guaranteed of a risk-free investment that is valuable and desirable. You get to keep all the proceeds. Isn’t that great!


It is based in Surrey and London and was founded in the UK in 2005. UKV PLC consists of a small dedicated team of wine consultants who specialize in acquiring, supplying and selling of bonded exquisite wine and champagne from leading vineyards of France, Spain, and Italy. They work with an extensive network of merchants, brokers to offer the best wine selection. They also guide their customers in purchasing and collecting wine for their events and future sale and investment. Follow them on Twitter :

Social Media presence

UKV PLC has a strong and positive social media presence on Twitter and on Facebook, which they use to educate their followers on the intricacies of fine wine. They also offer helpful tips and knowledge on all their pages as well as sell their grade wine. It’s clear they have a true love for wine! Learn More.

Jose Henrique Borghi – Helping Mullen Lowe Brazil Retain the Top Spot in Brazilian Advertising Sector

Jose Henrique Borghi is considered as one of the pioneers in the advertising world of Brazil and has created some of the highly famous and award-winning advertisements that have garnered applause worldwide. The ad campaign he created for Fiat Automobiles helped the company to achieve remarkable sales in the first year of its business in the country. Jose Henrique Borghi has delivered similar and consistent results to his clients over the years, and it is why he is fondly referred to like the advertising guru in the Brazilian Advertising space.

Jose Henrique Borghi has been interested in the field of marketing and advertising from the very childhood since the time he saw some of the advertisement that won awards at the Cannes Film Festival. Jose Borghi was so moved by the ads he saw that he decided that it is the field he wants to build his career in. With this intention, he joined the leading Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo and graduated in Marketing. It helped him gain the knowledge he required to take on the field of advertising in Brazil. Immediately after completing his studies, Jose Henrique Borghi joined reputed advertising firm Standard Ogilvy and went on to join other leading companies in the advertising sector, such as Leo Burnett, Talent, DM9DDB, and FCB.

However, after a few years of working in the advertising industry, he decided to start his advertising firm named Borghi Erh Creative Intelligence. The firm achieved tremendous success in a short period, but due to the rising competition, Jose Borghi decided to merge the company with the leading advertising company named Lowe. The company was again merged a few years later with Mullen Advertising Agency and is today known as Mullen Lowe Brazil, where Jose Borghi holds the position of co-CEO. He helps with designing ad campaigns for the clients and handling large accounts.

Rick Smith: The Man Behind The Success Of Securus Technologies

Rick Smith is a man in technology who is changing the way judicial systems work for the better. He is the CEO of Securus Technologies, a company that offers tech solutions and programs to help these organizations update their methods and streamline their processes. The main lot of clients that Securus offers their services to come from the incarceration and legal service industry. Through the services that they have provided to these customers, they have helped improve the overall system of justice in the country.

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Rick Smith was responsible for the turning point that Securus Technologies had just a few years ago. At the time, the companies biggest competitor was T-Netix. Rick Smith thought it would be best for the two largest players in the industry to join forces and work as a team. Since Rick Smith was the person who was instrumental in the whole merger, the company saw it best to appoint him as their new CEO. Rick Smith had a plan of action that he wanted to carry out for Securus Technologies and managed to do that with absolute ease. Rick Smith is a natural born leader and has used this gift to lead Securus Technologies in a direction that is favorable for its growth and development.

Rick Smith Securus is known for the exceptional leadership skills that he possesses. He has led the company beautifully, making it what it is today. This ability to lead the company comes from the year’s worth of experience that Rick Smith possesses in the field. He is extremely well versed in technology and communications which are why he was an excellent fit for Securus Technologies. Through the span of his long career, Rick Smith has worked alongside numerous companies and clients, offering them tech solutions which they can implement to streamline the amount of work at the workplace. At his position as CEO of the business, Rick Smith is tasked with making sure everything in the company is in order and running smoothly. He oversees all the work that the employees at Securus Technologies do and tries his best to ensure that the firm is always putting out the highest quality of services in all that they do.

Rick Smith has an educational background in technology, which is why he has been able to perform so well in the field. He attained an engineering degree in electronics and then went on to achieve a master’s degree in Math. After that, he started working in the sector of information technology. However, he knew that he would need a better educational background if he wanted to rise in the ranks of the company, and therefore went on to attain an MBA which has led him to the high position he is in today. Visit for more info.

Nick Vertucci’s story of his successful real estate entrepreneurship

Nick Vertucci is a real estate mogul and owner of the Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc. His companies’ offers consultancy services on real estate investment. The company belongs to the country’s giant real estate entrepreneurs, NV Real Estate Academy with investment in both real estate education and in the real estate industry.

Nick Vertucci, the founder of NV Real Estate, came from a humble background. His life followed the typical “grass-to-grace” story. Vertucci hailed from a humble family, which could hardly make ends meet. His situation got worse after the death of his father when he was only ten years old. Vertucci life made a turnaround soon after his eighteenth birthday when he began his own business that specialized in sales of computer accessories on His prolific business career abruptly came to an abrupt end during the 2000 dot com crash after all his capital liquidated at the height of the dot-com bubble. Vertucci subsequently plunged into a financial quagmire as his debts accumulated to the point of losing his home. His enrollment to a real estate academy later inspired his venture into the real estate business that freed him from his financial problems. After leading a successful career as a real estate investor, Nick Vertucci launched the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy commonly known as NV Real Estate Academy.

NV Real Estate Academy helps people venturing into the real estate industry or established property investors grappling with a myriad of challenges. The Academy offer solutions to problems typical of real estate investment career on Twitter. It comprises a system and community that helps real estate investors to excel in their business by exploiting the applied system that steered Vertucci from a pauper to a real estate millionaire. NV Real Estate Academy, therefore, serves as Vertucci’s mentorship program on how to make millions in the real estate business. The Academy teaches mentees how to handle daily challenges typical to the real estate industry. It further mentors people on surmounting challenges and excelling in real estate business by engaging leaders with a track record of resilience and success in the industry. The Academy’s mentorship program ranges from a search of real estate deals through property repair and sale of finished housing projects at It further gives mentees lessons on creating a competitive edge over the staggering number of players in the real estate market. The Academy’s mentorship program concludes with lessons on wealth creation and acquiring of long-term financial independence and security.

Throwing A Party? Follow These Expert Tips

With such a wide variety of event planning companies in NYC to choose from, it’s no surprise that most people turn to professional planners when it’s time to throw a party. Twenty Three Layers, one of the most popular party and corporate event planners in NYC, is a team of creative experts who can turn any party into a glorious success with the latest trends and superb organizational skills.


Twenty Three Layers is a full-service event planning company, meaning that they can provide any service that you may need for an event. Whether it’s catering, photography or musical entertainment, Twenty Three Layers can do it all.


If you simply cannot afford to hire a professional event planner, there’s no need to worry. We asked a professional party planner for their industry secrets and expert tips when it comes to throwing a stress-free, unforgettable party in your very own home.



Organization is Everything


Even if you’re only hosting a handful of your closest friends, staying organized from day one is key. Spreadsheet software allows you to stay on top of shopping lists, the dietary restrictions of your guests and more.



Keep Decor Simple


There’s no need to blow all of your budget on decor. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to find online tutorials that will help you create DIY decor pieces with inexpensive materials.



Finger Foods Never Fail


If you want to provide your guests with delicious food but you aren’t exactly a culinary expert, stick to yummy finger foods that will satisfy your guests for hours. Be sure to pick out menu items that can be made the night before your party so that you won’t be rushing around in the kitchen hours before your guests arrive.



Make a Signature Cocktail


If you want to provide guests with an alternative to beer and wine but don’t want to blow your budget on a wide variety of liquor, create one signature cocktail that incorporates some luxurious ingredients. This signature cocktail can reflect the tone and theme of your party.





Thanks to these expert tips, throwing a party doesn’t have to be an intimidating, overwhelming experience. These words of wisdom will allow you to entertain your guests without feeling exhausted before they even arrive.

DeVos charity disclosures reveal heavy emphasis on education

To most people, Dick DeVos is best known as the 2006 gubernatorial candidate for the state of Michigan. The billionaire businessman is famous for having spent almost $40 million of his own money on a campaign to unseat then incumbent governor, Jennifer Granholm. But in reality, DeVos has had a long and successful career in business. As the son of Rich DeVos, the billionaire cofounder of Amway, he has had a great deal of opportunity and privilege in his life. But he has also made the most of it, having had not just a spectacularly successful business career but also having become one of the country’s foremost philanthropists.


DeVos’ wife is hardly any less successful than he is. Betsy DeVos has just been appointed by President Donald Trump to be Secretary of Education. This has involved an extensive vetting process, as do most appointments to cabinet positions. One of the issues that have come up in the vetting of Betsy DeVos is the nature of her family’s charitable contributions, specifically whether or not the majority of money that the DeVos family gives away is political in nature or is given to more charitable causes.


This has revealed as much about Dick DeVos’ charitable giving as it has about that of his wife. As it turns out, although most people associate Dick DeVos’ name with politics, the vast majority of his philanthropic activity has been directed towards educational goals. More specifically, the majority of DeVos’ charitable contributions have been to educational institutions in and around the state of Michigan. Most of these have been within the West Michigan area.


Some examples of the considerably varied institutions that DeVos has contributed large sums to are the Grand Valley State University Downtown Grand Rapids Campus, the Compass College of Cinematic Arts, Ferris State University, the Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning, Northwood University, and an urban charter school catering to talented African American youth called Potter’s House. This is just a small sampling of the many institutions that DeVos has directly contributed money to. He has long been famous for not attaching any stipulations to the money that he gives, trusting the administrators and stakeholders of the institutions 100 percent in how they dole out his largesse.