Care About The Kids: Eva Moskowitz

It’s a common question asked among educators and parents alike: should students be held back? Well, Eva Moskowitz doesn’t think so. Think about it, what good does it do a third or fourth grade student to be held back. The embarrassment that accompanies such a social stigma is enough to make a child fall even further behind in educational development. The worst part about having children held back is that it only benefits the children who were already succeeding in school to begin with. This is where Eva comes in.

She has started Charter schools and believes in the early recognition and treatment of learning and social disorders. This would eliminate the problem of having children placed in classes they are not ready for. It wouldn’t be fair to place a third grader in high school Calculus, so why expect a child that struggles to keep up with those that excel. This unfair system is the way things have been done for years, but change is coming.

The charter schools Eva Moskowitz has started have de-publicized the education process. It’s not that a child should not be held back a grade, it’s that it should be done earlier so that the possibility of success¬†will be higher. There is no reason to make a child feel bad, or embarrassed, when seeing other children his or her age moving forward when they are not allowed to. Special classes have been a part of out education system for years, yet they are not utilized as they should be. If a child needs special attention it is up to the educators and parents to make sure that child is taken care of properly.
Eva was born in 1964, and began her career in politics before sinking her own career to pursue this important issue. She started her charter schools, called the success academies, which outrank the city’s public schools in standardized English and Math exams by a titanic margin. There is no doubt that her methods have been proven, making her an important player in the future of education.