Betsy DeVos Has A Long And Distinguished Philanthropic Career

I have always been an admirer of the work of Betsy DeVos in both the education reform activism industry and as a private individual looking to aid as many people and groups as possible in the U.S. and around the world; Mrs. DeVos has been an avid supporter of a range of causes that are obviously close to her heart as she has continued to be a major supporter of many different areas of education reform and philanthropy that are located on an international, national, and state level.

It has been difficult for me to understand just how the people of the world have made it difficult for Betsy DeVos to achieve her work as a reformer on many different levels, which strikes me as a difficult thing for many to achieve as they do not have a good understanding of what the newly appointed Education Secretary is attempting to achieve and how it can benefit the people of the U.S. The public school system of the U.S. is not always attempting to do the best thing for the children of the U.S. as union influence plays a key role in the choices that are often made about how the education system will be run; Betsy DeVos is simply looking to make sure families and young people have the choice of how best to achieve their education goals for the future.

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Betsy DeVos has achieved much that can be seen as a success in her life and I believe has been at the forefront of many of the major advances in many different areas for her local community; in terms of her background, Betsy DeVos has always had a strong belief system that includes a powerful Calvinist faith she has maintained throughout her life. I believe it was during her studies at Calvin College that Betsy DeVos found her political calling and has remained politically engaged ever since in her bid to make sure the people of the U.S. remain an integral part of the political landscape. The dedication to politics has seen Betsy DeVos take up a number of roles in her career long before her recent appointment as Secretary of Education; I believe a sign of the importance of Betsy DeVos was her appointment as a member of the board of the Kennedy Center for the Arts after after she was appointed by President George W. Bush.

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As an international investment banking company, Madison Street Capital arranged a minority as well as clients subordinated debt business for Ares Security Corporation. Ares Security Corporation focuses on risk management to all its customers. It also offers complete security software solutions. Corbel Capital Partners provided the minority recapitalization.


According to Reginald McGaugh, working directly to provide this investment with Ares Security Shareholder and President was a great honor. He explains that Ares Security is a different firm that protects the most critical assets in the world. In return, the Madison Street Capital reputation has continued to thrive regardless of the market state.


The Ares Security president, Ben Eazzetta, thanks the team working at Madison Street Capital for all the completed tasks. He expresses his gratitude throughout the entire process such as valuation analysis, capital raising process and the initial due diligence. Eazzetta comments on the diligence and hard work of finding them the ideal financing partner. To him, the future with their new capital structure seems very impressive.


Ares merging with Corbel to innovatively from the investment was the most appropriate way to create a reasonable equity value. Ares determined that Corbel’s operationally-supportive partnership and the flexible capital solution would enable the firm in continuing its sales momentum.


About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a global investment banking company. The company is committed to excellence, integrity, financial opinions as well as valuation services to privately and publicly held organizations. Through these services, its clients are positioned towards success in the international marketplace. By undertaking every new project, the goals and the objectives of the clients become theirs. These goals range from successful capital raises and financial advisory to M&A ownership transfers to transactions. To the company, new markets are the element that drives the international growth of their clients. Through professional standards of their services, Madison Street Capital has gained their customers trust worldwide.


The company understands corporate finance’s time sensitivity. It is also to respond tenaciously and quickly to opportunities. Through their approach in creating corporate finance transactions ensures that both business investors and owners benefit. Experience their knowledge, relationships, and experience in matching sellers and buyers. You can as well experience the same in matching ideal capitalization and financing structure to every unique situation of the client.


Ares Security Corporation

The Ares Security Corporation is headquartered in Vienna. The organizations focus on protecting the most critical assets of the world. It safeguards every system operated by the transportation, government, nuclear and energy industries.


Corbel Structured Equity Partners

Corbel Capital Partners was founded in 2013. It is a structured investment fund making control investments in significant personally owned middle-market firms.


Norman J Pattiz New Ventures

Norman J Pattiz popularly known as Norm is known for his well-honed business acumen. He has a remarkable portfolio as an investor and businessman. His most notable venture is his role in the founding of PodcastOne. PodcastOne is the leading advertiser-supported podcast network in the United States. This podcast network hosts over 200 of current day most favorite podcasts which include Adam Carolla, Shaquille O’Neal, Steve Austin, Dan Patrick, Forbes on PodcastOne just to mention a few. In an issue of Forbes by the name ‘Global Change Makers’ in May 2016, Norm was celebrated by Forbes Magazine for his ‘Celebrity infused greatest hits’ which is his priceless ‘Key to his money making media’.


Norman Pattiz has an over 40 years of experience in the radio syndication industry. Through these years, Pattiz has been able to polish his skill and garner an even sharper acumen in the industry. He is also reputed for his role as the founder of Westwood One. Under his competent leadership, this company rose to become the leading provider of sports, news, CBS News, CNN Radio among others in the United States.


Pattiz has earned himself remarkable respect in the industry for his creativity and innovativeness. This is the reason why Norm has been appointed twice by different United States presidents to serve the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America. This is a board that has been handed with the responsibility of overseeing all the nonmilitary broadcasting services in the United States. These broadcasting services include Radio Free Europe, The Voice of America, Middle East Broadcasting, and Radio Liberty Just to mention a few. In this role, Norman Pattiz was responsible for launching and conceiving America’s Arabic-speaking radio and television services to all the 22 countries in the Middle East. He was responsible for starting the Farsi language broadcasting in Iran too.


Norman Pattiz got inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009. He also received the Giants of Broadcasting Award issued by the Library of American Broadcasting. Norman Pattiz is also reputed for his role in various other positions. He serves as the chairman of the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories. Norman is also the Regent of the University of California and serves as a member of the Councils on Foreign Relations and also the Pacific Council on IR (International Relations.) Pattiz is one of the most accomplished individuals in the radio syndication industry in the United States. This is something he has achieved through utter creativity and unmatched innovativeness.

The Importance Of Securus Technologies

For many people, they are fascinated with the safety field, and the latest technologies that are coming out. If they are interested in this type of information, then they will want to take Securus Technologies up on their invitation to visit their facility in Dallas, TX. When they are in the area, they will receive a presentation given by the company in order to inform them of the latest technologies they are working on, and what they will be used for. This is an excellent opportunity for the people to ask questions about the company and what they do. Since many people deal with safety issues on a regular basis, the company wanted to make sure that they had this opportunity.


They are also publishing quite a bit of the letters that they receive from people that they deal with on a regular basis. These people are also concerned about safety matters, and their letters and comments can help in many ways.


Securus Technologies is a company that takes great pride in their work. They are a leader in their field, and the government asks for their assistance on a regular basis. The company is adept at dealing with both the civil and criminal aspects of justice on a regular basis. They create new ways to deal with issues on a weekly basis. They are dedicated to achieving their goal, which is to make the world a safer place for everyone to live in. The future looks great for this company that has the highest level of standards and takes great pride in what they can do.



Why Entrepreneur Brian Bonar Values Healthy Eating

Our bodies are the most important possession that we have as we move through the world we live in. We depend on our brains to help us process information, our limbs to have the full range of motion that we need to walk and on our vision to help us have as clear a view as is possible of the world around us.

Many of us can find ourselves taking our health for granted. If our lives are like a well-oiled corporation that is comprised of different departments that must work in collaboration in order for us to experience fulfilled lives then the health of our bodies and minds are the glue that holds that corporation together. Our physical and mental health might be considered to be the currency that each department depends on in order to achieve its mandate for success.

Physical pain might keep us from participating in the kinds of outdoor athletic activities that keep us connected to a group of good friends and that also keeps our spirits high.

When our emotional and mental health is compromised by something it can negatively impact the outlook that we have about our lives and as many of us know it is very difficult to go through life when one has a sense dread hanging over them.

When we pay attention to the kinds of food that we are choosing to put into our bodies then we are making the choice to invest in the most valuable resource that we have which is our good health.

Good food can leave us feeling energized, provides the fuel that vital systems in our body need to be in working order and to perform optimally. Eating the right food can even ease some minor health issues that some of us have become accustomed to living with such as skin discoloration or digestion issues.

According to Crunchbase, this is why Brian Bonar, an entrepreneur who is currently based in California, places a high value on making sure that people have access to good food. Brian Bonar, who is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of several companies that operate in the tech and banking industries, has spent his time outside of these businesses helping people in his local community have access to good food.

He accomplishes through his restaurant business Bellamy’s which helps people to enjoy the experience of eating their food by employing talented and creative chefs to prepare world class meals for them.

His work as a restaurateur helps remind people of the importance of enjoying the process of eating. He also helps the community have access to good food through his work with the Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego.

Bonar sits on the board of the Girls and Boys Club, an organization that gives local children free snacks and meals and that also educates them about the importance of healthy eating through its healthy lifestyles program. In addition to serving on the board of the Boys and Girls Club Bonar is also the Chief Executive Officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation and the Chief Executive Officer of Trucept.

James Dondero Increases Highland’s Stake in Nexpoint

James Dondero is the Chief Executive and Co-Founder of Highland Capital Management. He has vast experience in the equity and credit markets focusing on distressed and high yield investment. Mr.James Dondero began his career in 1984 as an analyst in Morgan Guaranty’s training program. He graduated from the University of Virginia with Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, the highest honors possible, dual majoring in Accounting and Finance.

James Dondero has professional qualifications as a Certified Management Accountant and as a Chartered Financial Analyst. He served as a Corporate Bond Analyst rising to Portfolio Manager at American Express. After leaving American Express he started his own firm. Mr. Dondero is also an active philanthropist, funding initiatives in education, public policy and veteran’s affairs.

Since Highland Capital Management’s creation in 1993, the company has been a leader in inventing credit oriented solutions and in the development of Collateralized Loan Obligation.

In Oct, 2016 Highland Capital Management increased their shares in Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund. The firm now owns 793,036 shares in Nexpoint. This is 5 percent of Nexpoint’s outstanding stock. This move will make Highland Capital Management the largest stakeholder in Nexpoint. The Nexpoint fund is management by Nexpoint Advisors, a company affiliated with Highland Capital Management. In March 2016 Nexpoint was separated into two companies, Nexpoint Residential Trust and Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund. Highland Capital Management has a valuation of $2.44 billion according to SEC filings in June 2016.

Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund is a closed fund, which has outperformed various bond indices such as the S&P 500. Nexpoint is among the top 10 percent Closed End Funds in the world. Nexpoint’s portfolio is worth $600 million and it has $382 million in assets. Nexpoint differentiates itself from other hedge funds by trying to exceed the HFR Global Hedge Fund Indexes.

Nexpoint Fund is up 5.92 percent year to date. The fund incurred losses in 2015 due to restructuring issues in Texas Competitive Electronics and a general decline in high yield credit markets. However, the fund has made a comeback and is back on track. Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund announced a regular dividend of $0.24 per share in September 2016.


Doug Levitt’s “The Greyhound Diaries” Chart A 21st Century Depression

Doug Levitt has always been quick to point out he has been inspired in his artistic works by the Depression era federal arts programs that allowed artists to travel the U.S. and record social problems throughout the Depression. Levitt himself believes the U.S. has seen a small depression over the years since the 2008 economic downturn; Doug Levitt himself has been on the road creating “The Greyhound Diaries” since 2008 and began describing his experiences as taking place during an “early depression” that went unnoticed by many in the media industry Doug was once a part of.


Alongside the release of a range of materials that form the basis of “The Greyhound Diaries” Doug Levitt has become a campaigner for a range of social issues, including homeless shelters where Doug has performed on a regular basis as he makes his way around the U.S. by Greyhound bus. “The Greyhound Diaries” have also begun to bridge the gap between the early career of Levitt as a journalist and broadcaster, and his current artistic life through the many appearances Doug has made on many of the top news media channels in the U.S. During his appearances with CNN and Fox News Doug Levitt has explained a large amount about the social problems in the U.S. and the work he has created based on his encounters with everyday people riding buses. The growth of the U.S. economy since the 2008 economic downturn has not been spotted by Doug Levitt as he has created his journalistic art of “The Greyhound Diaries”.


Doug Levitt grew up in Washington D.C. and saw his parents play a major role in the community as his mother spent many years as a City Council member; however, Levitt is also quick to explain the shock he felt when embarking on the first journey for “The Greyhound Diaries” as Washington D.C. is often cocooned from any economic issues because of its status as the U.S. capital. The former Fulbright Scholarship holder has stated he felt a disconnect from the U.S. as a whole after spending much of his adult life living and working in London as a journalist prior to embarking on “The Greyhound Diaries”.