High Level Standards as Seen at Copa Star

The Brazil-based medical facility possesses an aesthetic nature like no other. It is an implementation of a well envisioned structure. It claims a global excellence, and in fact, Alpine Online was among those shocked by the cost at which the Copa Star equipment were bought. Well apart from paying attention to the structure which has been raised to match far beyond a five-star hotel, you will also gaze at the high technology they employ. There are robotic tools, suites meant for patients, intensive care units as well as visual images meant to monitor surgical routes on scoopnest.com. In short, the services are purely sophisticated.

Deploying Energy Efficient Construction Means to Alleviate Costs

Wise selection of the construction material facilitates efficiency. As such, the entire facility tends to use much less energy which makes the hospital irrefutably rise as an epitome of excellence on rafarquitetura.com. There are so many ways through which energy is used in the hospitals including air conditioning, water pumping, lighting, medical tools as well as elevators. According to the 2015 sustainability report, Copa Star has been designed in a way that even when the energy consuming equipment and services are linked, there is still low energy consumption. From this viewpoint, ventilation and air cavity in the front ageexpel air and also reduce thermal heat, as such saving energy significantly.

Methods Employed to Strengthen Concrete in the Facility

Should concrete crack, which happens in several occasions, water tends to permeate, which makes the condition even more destructive. Penetron chemicals used at Copa Star however offer a solution in this case because they tend to form insoluble crystals when reacted with minerals in concrete. The moment concrete gets strengthened from deep inside, vapor cannot mount and so there are no chances of cracks developing. As such, the building on terra.com entirely turns out to remain resilient regardless of the climate change or other factors likely to affect buildings.

From Penetron Total Concrete Protection website, Copa Star was built tightly throughout the five floors. The structure is not by any means to experience challenges as they made the most use of the admix-treated products. Besides, crystalline technology is meant to impact the entire performance of the structure and make it more resilient. Failure to conform to the normal has brought the world the best hospital. The building by itself attracts people and illuminates beauty even around the city.


At Copa star the patients are meant to experience the best despite their prevailing situations. More often than not hospitals have been known to instill fear and sort of a relegating experience. The hospital brings out a message that these facilities are also market sectors that need to be revolutionized. If you or your loved one finds yourself in a situation necessitating medical attention, ensure that you visit Copa Star for quality treatment and an indescribable experience.

Omar Boraie continues to transform News Brunswick through his 1.5 million pledge in Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey

Omar Boraie, the leading real estate developer, and philanthropist from New Jersey has been playing a crucial role in transforming New Brunswick through his social initiates. In a report by Yahoo, he has been working for last few decades to rejuvenate the community of New Brunswick by renovating some properties in this area. While most of the people had given up their hope with this community and county, it was Boraie who had a clear vision and idea on how to improve the condition. Through his real estate development projects, he has changed the horizon of this community and now many people are considering New Brunswick as a place to start a new life. But Boraie is not satisfied with this only. He has some philanthropic initiatives through which he is helping the community. Very recently he has made a pledge of 1.5 million to the Rutgers Cancer Institute.

According to a news published in Newswise on October 21, 2015, the Rutgers University in New Jersey has initiated a campaign of 18 chair challenge, where it will create a total of 18 chairs named after donors and raise $3 million dollars for each of them. While genomic science and precision medicine have been making some revolutionary breakthroughs to treat cancer, it was always facing problems with funding. Some people including ex-President Barack Obama made a couple of initiatives to accelerates funding for cancer research. Also, the research institutes and universities are also coming forward with their campaign such as the 18-chair challenge from Rutgers Cancer Institute.

According to NY Times, as a part of this campaign, the Institute has created a chair named for Omar Boraie, and Omar has already made a $1.5 million pledge for this.  Omar himself has a keen interest in cancer research, and he also has a relevant academic background in chemistry as well. He is quite hopeful that the success of Rutgers Cancer Institute with precision medicine for patients with non-responsive cancer could be applied to other patients as well. Boraie has been a fundamental contributor behind reshaping New Brunswick as the “Health Care City, ” and his $1.5 million pledge to this cancer institute will certainly motivate others to come forward in the fight against cancer. For his effort, the Director of Rutgers Cancer Institute, Robert S. DiPaola has expressed heartfelt gratitude to Boraie and his family.

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Importance of Persistence, Consistency and Follow up with Adam Milstein

Since he was a small child, Adam Milstein has known the life of service. This was a discipline that was instilled in him by his parents. 65 years later, Adam Milstein still lives the life of service. For the good work that he has done in his life, he was recently honored by the Jerusalem post as one of the most influential Jewish leaders.

He acknowledged this as an honor and as an achievement. His life of service extends even to his country. At the age of 19 years, he decided to enlist in the mandatory service of the Israel Defense Forces. He fought in the Yom Kippur war two years after enlisting.

He is a man who works for himself and does not love to be micromanaged. He and his friend, Hager, established the Hager Pacific Properties after being frustrated by the pay they were receiving from established companies despite having MBA degrees. Learn more about Adam Milstein: http://www.adammilstein.org/

Earlier in life, after graduating from the University of Southern California, Adam started working as a real estate commercial broker. Adam doesn’t believe in planning for his day. He also says that he doesn’t believe in having any elaborate plan about his life as this tends to be very limiting.

In the list by the Jerusalem post, Milstein was listed as number 39. This came as a surprise to him as the list included many prominent people from the Jewish Community among them being Sheldon Adelson, Haim Saban, and Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Jerusalem Post said that Adam was chosen on the list for his involvement with the various Jewish organizations such as the Israel-American council, Hasbara fellowships, and Israel on Campus Coalition.

He believes in three virtues to make it in life. The three virtues are persistence, consistency and following up on issues. He warns against putting all the eggs in one basket as one can lose everything in an overnight.

According to Hage Pacific, Adam Milstein also warns the people who think that they can make a fortune in a fortnight. For success to be sweet and long lasting, Adam says that it comes slow and must be coupled with hard work.

Advertising Executive Alexandre Gama’s Top 20 Agency Neogama

The founder of Neogama, Alexandre Gama is a Brazilian based entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, his success in his field didn’t come overnight; he was leading one of the largest British agencies before. Alexandre Gama began his career with Ogilvy and Mather following his Advertising degree.

Not only does his success in business extend to the advertising agency: it also includes a success in the music industry. He launched VIOLAB, which promotes guitar musicians from around the Brazil via their YouTube Channel. Alexandre Gama draws a great amount of satisfaction through being able to assist others in achieving their goals and dreams.

Alexandre Gama has won many awards in the fields of film, music, and radio. His awards are evidence of his commitment to his career as well as his desire to advance himself. He also was featured in one of the first art museums in Brazil which was able to successfully feature his work in advertising.

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Fabletics Find Success in Reverse Showrooming

Kate Hudson an actress and fashion enthusiast has a passion for motivating and supporting other women to live an active and healthy lives. That why she led in co-founding Fabletics brand in 2013. Fabletics is a company that offers stylish and high-quality gear activewear at an affordable price. The main aim of the Fabletics is to create clothing that motivates and inspires it, customers, to stay active. According to Fabletics, their designs are of high quality and trendy, which are meant to enable their customer to live their passion every day.


Their strategies have helped them reap major benefits. They have succeeded in the fashion where Amazon controls 20% of the e-commerce market. They have grossed over $250 million in three years. As part of the active wear campaign, Fabletics utilizes the subscription model to push their products to their customers. Customers prefer brands that are aspirational and motivates the individual. With a combination of convenience and membership Fabletics has a powerful tool for success.


The last mile service is important toward customer satisfaction, things such as brand recognition, customer experience, gamification elements and exclusive design. The Fabletics strategy is meant to achieve this by opening a store in strategic locations and fashion membership brand. According to Fabletics, their membership model allows them to provide customized services and that is trendy at half price of their competitors. They are guided by the perception that it is easier to make the customers happy when they already know what they want.


There are several strategies employed by Fabletics amongst them is the adoption of the reverse showrooming. What is reverse showrooming? This is when the customers go the e-commerce site to search for products, however, head back to the brick and mortar to finish their purchase. Fabletics has implemented the reverse showrooming by opening new stores where they offer live try-on for each woman. Customer who goes to the Fabletics stores is well aware of the products, the experiences they will have and the prices for the products. The company brings to the stores the products that are familiar with the customers who visit their site. They know what to expect since they have been reverse showroomed.


The sales will increase in reverse-showroom strategy since the company is offering its items, keeps the public knowledgeable with its brand at all times. There is no need for the customer be physically show up in the store since they have been accustomed to the Fabletics products. There is also a consistency of the products and services in the store and on site, for instance when the customer is shopping and tries an article of clothing on it is also reflected on their e-commerce’s shopping cart site as well.


Membership has also enabled Fabletics to provide better customer service since it enables them to establish a relationship with their customers. Due to their personalized services, 30-50% of the customer who walks in through their local stores are members while another 25% register as members in their stores. Through this membership, Fabletics is able to offer a product that relevant to customers of a particular location and they only tweak as preferences and trends change. Fabletics has taken leaped the benefits of reverse showrooming.


Succession Plan To Become Capital Group Chairman

The Capital Group has a history dating back around 85 years and for over one third of that time Timothy Armour has been making his way to the top of the company that employs over 7,000 people. In July 2015, Timothy Armour made his way to the position of CEO and Chairman of the Capital group after the passing of his predecessor in the roles, Jim Rothenberg; a succession plan had already been in place that was thought to include the election of Armour to the role of Chairman in the event of the death of Rothenberg, one of the first tasks undertaken by Tim Armour was to express his sympathies and grief at the loss of the former Chairman.

Tim Armour has used his more than 30 years of experience as an analyst in many different sectors with the Capital Group to make sure he is aware of the many issues facing the global economy in the 21st century. The Chairman of the Capital Group was faced with a difficult economic outlook when he arrived as the Chairman of the company following a major market selloff many believed was caused by troubled Chinese investors. For Tim Armour the issue of how best to approach these market problems saw him examine the issues being faced and set out to establish just what the issues were that had led to the selloff and examine how they could be avoided in the future.

For more information, connect with Tim Armour on LinkedIn.

In looking at the aspects of the global economy that led to the major selloff in September 2015, Tim Armour identified issues around the world as culminating in a situation where investors had become panicked by a number of problems; Armour believes issues in China and the U.S. were the major catalysts for the market selloff, but also looks to struggles in developing nations. Across the board the blame for the market selloff of 2015 has been positioned at the door of China without any consideration for others issues identified by Timothy Armour, including a lack of growth in Europe and developing areas of Asia that has hamstrung many investors who have been waiting for these economies to push onward to success.

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