George Soros Successful and Determined

George Soros Ukraine was born August 12, 1930, in Budapest in the Kingdom of Hungary. Soros was born to well off anti-Semitic Jewish parents who married in 1924. His father Tivadar was a lawyer and his mother’s family owned a silk shop. Soros father had been a prisoner of war in Russia before and after world war 1 but escaped. Growing up George’s father taught him to speak Esperanto, as his father was an esperantist writer. In 1936 when George was young his family changed their last name from Schwartz to George Soros to protect themselves from the anti-Semitic climate in Hungary. The name appealed to George’s father Tivadar because it was a palindrome and means “next in line”, or “designated successor” in Hungarian and in Esperanto it means “will soar.”

George Soros became a student at the London School of Economics after immigrating to England in 1947. He worked as a waiter, and railway porter while he was a student of Karl Popper a philosopher. Soros received his Bachelor of Science in philosophy in 1951 and a Master of Science in Philosophy in 1954. After receiving his Masters and finding his search for employment quite difficult, Soros settled for a job as a traveling salesman. The job required him to sale to retailers in Welsh seaside resorts. Soros did not care for the job and decided to write to numerous merchant Banks seeking an interview. Source:

George Soros finally got his opportunity and was hired at Singer & Friedlander. He worked an entry level position as a clerk, and eventually moved to the arbitrage department. In 1956 George Soros eventually moved on to another job at F.M. Mayer of New York working as an arbitrage trader specializing in European stocks. The job was one that was suggested to him by a coworker whose father owned the brokerage house. In 1959 Soros worked as an analyst of European Securities at Wertheim & Company. He held this position until 1963. From 1963 until 1973 George Soros was vice president at Arnold and S Bleichroeder. In 1969 he set up the Double Eagle hedge fund and in 1970 Soros became founder and chairman of Soros Fund Management.

In 2013 the Quantum Fund became the most successful hedge fund in history making 5.5 billion. To date it has generated over 40 billion. George Soros is also a philanthropist who has supported and given money to support a number of different causes. These causes include helping black students attend the university of Cape Town in apartheid, South Africa. He advocates nonviolent democratization in the post-Soviet states. Soros has given millions toward Millennium Promise a project to place internet infrastructure for regional Russian Universities. In addition to giving generously to various causes, Soros has received honorary doctorate degrees from the new school for social research, Yale University, University of Oxford, and Corvinus University of Budapest.

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SEC Whistleblower Law Firm Labaton Sucharow

In response to the Great Recession, Congress passed a new law known as the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. This was done in order to regulate the financial industry so that another economic crisis doesn’t happen again. It was also done to help prevent predatory financiers and firms from taking advantage of unsuspecting investors. As part of this new law, a new policy known as the SEC whistleblower program was enacted. With this new program, anyone who has knowledge of illegal activity in the finance industry taking place and/or has become a victim of such action will be entitled to legal representation.

One firm that has greatly benefited from this new program has been Labaton Sucharow. This firm specializes in representing victims of financial crimes in litigation cases. Over the years, Labaton Sucharow has been able to expose unethical activity in the finance industry and hold responsible parties accountable. It has also helped a number of individuals and businesses get compensation as well. The individual who currently runs the firm is Jordan Thomas, who has been practicing as a SEC whistleblower lawyer throughout the history of the firm. He was once part of the Securities and Exchange Commission, so he is very knowledgeable of the process of exposing unscrupulous activity in the finance industry.


Labaton Sucharow offers clients a number of services that ensure that they get the best representation and result in their case. As well as getting representation by an attorney, clients will be able to take advantage of a number of other forms of assistance. This includes financial analysts, investigators and forensic accountants. All of these professionals will work together to find out the source of unethical activity and expose it to the proper authorities. Labaton Sucharow allows clients to get an initial consultation to talk about their situation. A lawyer will then provide advice as well as submit documents to start a case. As well as submitting documents, the firm’s lawyers will also represent clients in court if necessary.


One of the things about Labaton Sucharow and the new whistleblower program is that anyone who seeks assistance will be able to remain anonymous. This will provide them with protection of their identity.

Those UK Merchants and Vintners

There are a great number of exceptional and well respected UK Vintners to choose from. In fact, by merely typing in the words UK Vintners … one may indeed find quite a bit to choose from. UK Vintners are many and have much to offer in taste and selection as a whole.

To list but a few out of the many, many which are out there, we have: The Worshipful Company of Vintners, UKV PLC, The Vintner’s Company, Society of Vintners, Merchant Vintners, Yorkshire Vintners, and UK Vintners of London.

These are all well respected and trusted UK vintners in their area, serving and giving the best that they have to offer. … each and every one in its own unique and special way. No two are alike.

To quote a bit of useful and quite interesting background information on one such company listed above, I begin:

“The Vintners’ Company’s ownership of swans, shared with the Crown and the Dyer’s Company, is well known and the historic ceremony of ‘Swan Upping’, the annual census of the swan population, takes place in July on certain stretches of the river Thames.The wonderful facilities of Vintners’ … ”

This appears to be a very quality loving and well prepared business and company/web site as a whole. They seem to be very knowledgeable and well versed in the business of wines and the respective sale of it, staying on top of the market. They offer a large variety of fine wines to choose from, as well as many numerous pictures on their web site.

We also have the special Society of Vintners, which has caught my eye in a very unique way. For one, this society was founded upon and originally begun by a group of five men back in the early 1970s. They had a vision and a desire to purchase and sell wine in attempts to beat the market place competition at the time, and to truly stand out from the crowd….as they say. Their methods were simple, and their talents plus planning were not in the least uncoordinated.

With time, they have grown to become the pillar in UK Vintners which they are today … and are not planning on backing down from that any time soon. Wherever there is growth, potential, and success – be it few or much – there is always room for more. This company of vintners seems to be headed in that direction.


Check Out FreedomPop’s Amazing Free Plans

Currently making waves in the mobile industry is FreedomPop, an LA based company that offers free cell phone service options and free hotspot options to the average user. Founded in 2012, this mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) doesn’t own wireless infrastructure so it instead purchases its data, SMS and voice capacity from Sprint at wholesale prices, and then turns around to offer them to their users through their free plans or through one of their premium packages. These plans are currently available in the US and UK, with plans in the works to expand all over the world.


There is a great FreedomPop review if you want to go here, but here’s the basics: Offering both their paid and free versions, FreedomPop is offering real options when it comes to finding a mobile and wireless plan that will fit your budget. Their free cell service offers 500 MB of 4G data, 200 voice mail minutes and unlimited texting, with no contracts or cancellation fees. If that doesn’t seem like a lot of data to you, then you should know there are ways to increase your data, like paying 0.02 per extra MB, inviting friends to join, which earns you 10 free MB per month for every friend or you could complete offers like taking surveys or downloading software to earn free data from services like Netflix,, and online games and newsletters.


There are also some great paid options, like the $5.00 per month WiFi calling which doesn’t use cell towers but instead uses your WiFi connection to send and receive calls and texts. This would be a great option for those who live in metropolitan areas. There is also the $10.99 per month unlimited talk and text with 500 MB of data, which offers a free one month trial and the $20.00 per month unlimited talk and text with 1GB of data. The nice thing about this plan is that there are no extra fees if you go over your data, but you will notice some slower speeds as you move from 4G to 3G.


The internet service options also include a free plan, the Basic 500 MB which runs on 4G with extra data costing 2 cents per MB, the Pro 500 MB plan which costs $3.99 per month after a free month trial, uses both 3G and 4G and also costs and extra 2 cents for extra MB. The last option is the Premium 2 GB at $19.99 per month after your free month trial. There are also several options for devices, with refundable deposit prices ranging from $39.99-$129.99.


Due to their connection to Sprint, all Sprint devices are compatible with FreedomPop and can be switched over. If you don’t have one you can head over to their website which offers a huge variety of phones, tablets and devices for you to choose from.