Paul Mampilly: Changing the Investment Story

In the United States, many people are looking for an opportunity to get financial freedom. They are trying to achieve this freedom through investments. Few have been successful while many have failed. It is not easy to make money when you do not have any experience on how to turn an idea into an investment. Investing wisely is something that comes with experience and learning step by step from people who have made in the industry. You should not attempt to risk your money if you do not have the necessary skills. Investment can lead to losses if not well managed. To understand how investments should be made, one needs to follow the advice of Paul Mampilly, an experienced investor who has made it in the industry. He has been to the Wall Street where he worked for the biggest organizations. He was even a hedge fund manager for Kinetics Asset management.

Paul Mampilly is an inspiration to many aspiring investors. Within two decades, he had managed to get it all in the industry and retired. He retired at the age of 42 and went to look after his family as well as to help inexperienced investors. One of the things he has done since he retired is to teach his children how to invest. Today, he says that they are better investors than many people who have been in the industry for a longer time. Paul Mampilly is also focusing on bringing investment knowledge to the people. He is publishing investment materials which the people can rely on to create their own investment strategies.

The main reason why he is doing this is to asset people to create wealth without going through many “so-called” experts who end up scamming them. Once people understand how to analyze the markets on their own, they will be in a position to get more from the industry. For a long time, there has been no serious attention given to investment training, and as a result, many people are not able to make sound investment decisions, Paul Mampilly is here to change the trend by ensuring that all the people are in a position to make these decisions on their own.

Guilherme Paulus, The Heat And The Cold

Brazil is thought to be a place where brown skinned people live, tropical birds fly around and people either live in slummy cities or tribal environments. These kinds of things can be found in Brazil, but there are also more things that can be found that people do not usually associate with the place. For example, in the southern part of the country, there is a very large influence and presence of people with European ancestry. People who descended from immigrant groups, such as Germans, can be found. These kinds of places have surprisingly ethnic-looking architecture. Ethnic celebrations from the places of people’s ancestors can be found in these places. Interestingly, just like the places where the European ancestors of these people came from, the southern part of Brazil tends to be more temperate and experience cold temperatures. In the northern part of Brazil, there is a larger presence of brown-skinned peoples—specifically those who are Amerindian, African and mixed-race. It just so happens that this part of the country experiences hotter weather.

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Guilherme Paulus is a Brazilian-born businessman. He runs a tour operator company CVC Brazil. Guilherme Paulus appears to have prominent European heritage, though he may or may not be mixed with other things. As an old man, he keeps working and churning out new ideas—like the Energizer Bunny. The company always partakes in new projects.

Wish Natal and St. Andrew’s Mountain are the two of the newest works of genius by Guilherme Paulus. The reason why these two places are works of genius by Guilherme Paulus is because they take advantage of the different cultural environments that Brazil offers tourists. For example, St. Andrew’s Mountain is located in the part of Brazil where you find a heavy European influence and people who still identify with their ethnic European backgrounds. On the other hand, Natal—the place where Wish Natal is—is a place where a lot more people of non-European ancestry can be found. The climates of the two places are also very much different from each other. The place where St. Andrew’s Mountain is located gets cold during the coldest month, while the place where Wish Natal is stays hot.


DAMAC Owner And Renowned Businessman, Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is ranked as the world’s tenth richest Arab. The DAMAC owner studied at the Washington University where he got a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics. He started his career in 1981 by working with Abu Dhabi Gas Industries in their finance department and began his catering venture two years later. His first customers were the US military and Bechtel. The enterprise is still operational and has since changed its name to Global Logistics Services.

Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, has led his company to compete in the global real estates market, and his company has constructed several luxurious buildings. During a recent interview, the DAMAC owner had a number of things to reveal and talk about. He admitted that his interest is currently driven by China’s continued economic growth and that of Asia at large. Even though DAMAC has its presence in China, the DAMAC owner feels like this should be extended. He has noted that the value of the middle class in China has grown, and due to the good relations between UAE and China, he will soon capture additional investors in the country.

The DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani believes that diversity is a critical component genuinely found in DAMAC. This comes with wealth in varying views, perspectives, and ideas that have been used to come up with strategic plans and make critical business decisions. The DAMAC owner revealed to having over 77 nationalities working with him in the company from every continent.

When asked how he keeps up with the rapid pace of change, the DAMAC owner said that he rarely gets concerned and rarely pays attention to political news. He is mostly concerned with the changes and policies that affect his organization. This has worked well in helping him make small but significant changes that empower the success and growth of his company. In circumstances where global politics affect his line of business, his company adopts to the changes and revise their approach to make the most out of every opportunity. This has been possible by reducing exposure to cynical politics.

Since DAMAC has reached the maturity level and size, with over 20, 000 homes developed by the company, Hussain Sajwani believes that the company can use its expertise to expand its presence and offerings to other world markets.

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Decisions and Destiny with Victoria Doramus

Victoria Doramus is a productive digital and print media professional. Victoria has an impressive background in advertising, media, communications, and branding. Ms. Doramus is an active contributor to various Charities such as Room to Read, Best Friends Animal Society and many more.

Victoria Doramus is a progressive businesswoman and an expert in the field of marketing. Victoria is based in London where her career presently focuses on giving back to the community as a successful entrepreneur of philanthropy.

Victoria Doramus Education

University of Boulder Colorado

Degree: BA

Studies: Journalism & Mass Communication


Sotheby’s Institute of Art

Studies: Foundation of Western Art


Victoria Doramus Employment Experience

Position: Director of Philanthropy


2016 – Present

London, UK

Position: Personal Assistant to Film Director/Producer

Employer: Peter Berg

2014 – 2016

Greater New York City Area

Position: Writer & Research Assistant

Employer: Various Companies

2011 – 2013

London, England & New York, NY

Position: West Coast Director

Employer: Trendera

2010 – 2011

Greater Los Angeles Area

Position: Group Coordinator/Assistant to President/Founder

Employer: Creative Artist Agency

2007 – 2010

Greater Los Angeles Area

Position: Creative Consultant

Employer: Stila Cosmetics

2007 – 2008

Greater Los Angeles Area

Position: Assistant Media Planner

Employer: Mindshare

2006 – 2007

Santa Monica, CA

Victoria Doramus Smoothing out Life’s Jagged Edges

Victoria, with an extensive list of professional work experience, gained valuable hands-on experience with each and every employer, but success did not come easy for Victoria Doramus. Victoria experienced a few unpleasant challenges in her life in her early 20’s that only left her two choices.

(1) Get help

(2) Or die on the streets

Victoria successfully overcame the unpleasant challenges she experienced as a young adult and today speaks on her past life issues to young ladies in reference of staying focused and never giving up on what they want to achieve in their lives as adults.

Victoria Doramus Doing Things Her Way in the UK

Victor presently is proudly self-employed and a Director of Philanthropy. Ms. Doramus longed to give back to the community and is pleased that she achieved her career goals and dreams in the marketing industry. Victoria is a generous contributor in her community, and prestigious businesswomen as well as a mentor to many in London, UK

Follow Victoria on Twitter: @iamvictorialynn

Steve Ritchie Appeals to Customers’ Hearts

Papa John’s pizza is widely considered to be a leading pizza enterprise in the U.S. Despite experiencing exponential growth, the company gained headlines after expressing critical views regarding the NFL’s entanglement with the national anthem. Despite experiencing a sale’s decline in the subsequent aftermath, the company’s CEO Steve Ritchie, swiftly moved in to counter the resulting effects of the interview. In a smart strategy, Steve Ritchie opted to release a well-crafted letter detailing a sincere apology.

While the past week had been the most challenging in his two-decade experience with Papa John, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s acknowledges the adverse consequences arising from the company’s perspective regarding the NFL and the national anthem. Be as it may, the comments didn’t reflect the company’s perspective nor did their represent his personal views. As Papa John’s CEO, issuing a sincere apology was in order.

According to the CEO, the company strived to exercise zero tolerance towards racism or insensitive language irrespective of the context or background. While Papa John’s should not be misconstrued to be a single person, it definitely serves a limited corporate staffed with a seasoned team of 120,000 professionals worldwide. Such professionals consistently strive to deliver exceptional services and unrivaled pizza. However, the importance of implementing the following set of recommendations on the way forward could not be stressed enough:

  • Papa John’s had instigated the process of outsourcing experts to ensure a proper assessment of the institution’s inclusion, diversity and cultural practices. Such a move would allow the company to identify its weaknesses and transform them into strengths with the predefined goals.
  • Promoting and upholding transparency along the way.
  • Harnessing employee and customer feedback regarding company operations and forging a sustainable path.

As the CEO, Steve Ritchie shouldered the responsibility of ensuring Papa John’s recovery from the recent scandal. Not only does the company plan on regaining customers’ trust but also working extra hard to earn it.

Despite the issuance of the previous letter, Steve Ritchie deemed it necessary to tweak his new version and resonate with customers who had consistently served as the company’s backbone. Not only did the CEO issue a direct apology but also exhibited vulnerability and empathy. After all, the company wouldn’t tolerate such behavior at any costs. By making the right adjustment, Steve Ritchie had proven that he was the right expert to guide the company through turbulent times.

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Infinity Group Australia: Assisting Australia with financial management

Infinity Group Australia is one of the top businesses in Australia that helps the people to resolve financial problems that they may be facing. In the period that this company has been operational, a lot of people are no longer straining with loans which constrain their lives so much that they can barely do anything with their salaries.


Infinity Group Australia was started in 2013 by Rebecca Walker and Graeme Holm. The reason they started the company was to offer alternative solutions to the issue of money management and debt reduction. They recognized that many people were struggling to repay their debts due to lack of information on how to manage debt reduction. Financial lessons are limited, and it is almost impossible for the average borrower to manage the funds properly.


Banking institutions according to Graeme Holm are the number one enemy of the borrower. They ensure that the borrower is poorly enlightened on financial management so that they cannot know how to go about paying the loan in the shortest time possible. Banks want to benefit from interests, and their wish is to see their customers spend the longest time possible to pay a loan.


Graeme Holm saw the mischief that banking institutions use to get money from their customers and that is why he came up with an idea to help these customers repay their debts quickly and save a lot more that would have gone to banks in the form of interest rates.


Clients of the Infinity Group Australia have seen the benefits that come with working with this company. The results show that the average client is saving $41,000 annually. Such a huge saving can contribute significantly to debt reduction as well as investments that can secure the financial future of a person.


Infinity Group Australia has also been recognized because of the great role that it has played in bringing financial solutions closer to the people. The Australian Financial Review has ranked this company at number $58 among the top companies in New Zealand and Australia that have innovative ideas. The ranking shows that the services that this company offers are recognized and have the potential to change the financial status of the people.


Infinity Group Australia has been receiving positive reviews from the customers since they have demonstrated outstanding dedication to helping the people resolve financial challenges. As a result of the work they are carrying out, their clients have a secure future made possible through proper money management. Learn more :

Matt Badiali’s Upbringing And His Advice On Freedom Checks

A man whose business acumen is matched only by his powerful insight, Matt Badiali is an entrepreneur of profound merit. No doubt adept at his trade, Badiali is a seasoned investment mentor who offers financial guidance to the “average investor.” Following his extensive college career, Badiali immersed himself into the financial domain, though he initially dreamed of becoming a geologist. In fact, he earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in earth science. Matt Badiali’s career path shifted when his colleague noticed Badiali’s genius for financial advising and urged him to harness his innate skills. After noodling over the proposition, Badiali agreed to try his hand at investment consulting, but with a twist.

Badiali married his counseling expertise with the knowledge he’d gained in college to create a position ideally suited for him: best investment advisor in the natural resource market. Since becoming a distinguished member of the business sphere, Badiali’s helped people generate returns of triple-digit gains. Matt Badiali’s convictions are so valued that he made the shrewd decision to propagate his ideas via a weekly newsletter. Badiali’s column, dubbed the Real Wealth Strategist, provides intelligible insight into the perpetually complex world of investment opportunities. The notion that investment endeavors are inherently daunting does not elude Badiali, which is why he takes an earnest approach when explaining such matters.

One trend that Badiali avidly advocates is the use of freedom checks. Unfortunately, freedom checks haven’t mon many supporters as their conditions seem exceedingly intricate. Badiali uses his industry know-how to shed light on the matter. According to Badiali, freedom checks require nothing more than an initial investment and Master Limited Partnerships. Those who elect to use freedom checks reap the rewards of publicly traded companies and high-yield investments. Matt Badiali continues to endorse freedom checks and hopes everyone will avail themselves of his sound advice. As Badiali continues to gain a prestigious reputation in his field, freedom checks are likely to gain traction.

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How Ryan Seacrest Keeps So Busy

It’s no secret that Ryan Seacrest is one of the busiest men in Hollywood but just how did he manage to acquire so many different jobs and how does he juggle them all at once? He recently sat down with GQ to discuss how he manages to consistently keep busy and what keeps him motivated. Ryan Seacrest reportedly gets up at five o’clock in the morning to start his day and is on the radio by six as the host of his own show, On Air With Ryan. He then goes on to host a morning talk show alongside Kelly Ripa. After he finishes shooting Live with Kelly and Ryan, he works on his clothing line known as Distinction and, every night, he takes to the stage in a well-fitted tuxedo as the host of the long-running singing competition series, American Idol.

In the interview, he mentioned that he actually hasn’t been able to keep track of exactly how many jobs he currently has but he did note that his impatience is the secret to him being so productive. He seldom has time to eat lunch so typically, when he does, it’s either standing up or in his car. In addition to everything else he does, he is also the driving force behind the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring and helping youth via activities related to entertainment. While he does occasionally drink coffee, he has stated that his biggest motivator is when the lights come on because that’s when his brain acknowledges that it’s showtime.

Speaking about his clothing line, he mentioned that the clothes they produce are designed to be comfortable, good looking and affordable. As this is the final season of American Idol, Ryan Seacrest, also a producer, mentioned that he doesn’t know exactly what he’ll do when it’s finished but he does fully intend on finding something to replace that gig, preferably something else in primetime. When talking about his legacy, he said he hadn’t thought much of it but that he hopes to serve as an inspiration for future entertainers in the years to come.

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OSI Food Solutions expansion plans and awards

OSI Food Solutions plant in Spain has been expanded to double production of chicken food products. The plant will now be producing 24,000 tons from 12,000 tons which were previously being produced. The company has added a high production line which increases food production capacity significantly.

The plant is also used to produce other products such as pork and beef. The total production now stands at 45,000 tons. New employment opportunities have also been created in the company. Now there are 160 employees, an additional 20 employees from the 20 who were available before. Among the positions that have been created is that of a product development manager. Whoever will be appointed to this position will be responsible for the development of new food products.

José María del Río, the Managing of Director of OSI Food Solutions has indicated that the expansion was necessitated by the growth in demand for chicken products in the past one decade. There has been a consistent increase in the number of people consuming chicken products in Spain and Portugal. The demand has in recent years gone further up showing signs that there could be a steady increase in demand in the years to come. These statistics have pushed OSI Food Solutions to come up with the decision to add 22,600 square feet to their Toledo plant.

David McDonald, the president and COO of the company, explained that the expansion has come at the right time as it will address the needs of the consumers. He has also added that the company will now be able to improve the food products portfolio after the expansion. He has also expressed joy with the new employment opportunities that have been created for the local community.

The company is headed by Sheldon Lavin, the chairman, and CEO. He has been working with this company for the past four decades. He is the longest serving business executive.

OSI Food Solutions has been recognized for its commitment to the preservation of the environment and awarded with the Globe of Honour award by the British Safety Council. This award is just one of the many that OSI Food Solutions has received in recent in the past one decade.

Interview Of Jim Toner Reveals Approach To His Day, Ideas

Jim Toner recently sat down for an interview with In it, the real estate investor and philanthropist touched on a number of issues associated with his career. Most importantly he discussed how his philosophies to life were inherent in all aspects of his day. This includes how “hitting the gym,” for example, plays a role in his day-to-day operations.

In the interview, Jim Toner reveals that he wakes up at 5:30 and gets his “gym rat” going. This is an essential part of his day in that he uses the time to prepare his body. In addition, he listens to podcasts or books on tape at the same time to prepare his mind. With this done, he is ready to start his day of preparing sales copy for radio spots or writing his new book. The broad interview also talks about Jim Toner’s approach to creating ideas. He notes the influence of the Nike motto, “Just Do It,” which describes his approach to engaging an idea. Jim goes on to says that trying something new shouldn’t be something to fear because there is nothing to lose since there was nothing to lose in the first place.

Once an idea is born it is best to search for clarity. Jim (@thejimtoner) says this means understanding the “what” of the idea as well as “who” will be involved in moving the idea forward. Other aspects that need addressing include developing a “working model” of the idea, study the results and running the idea again. The article pulls a quote from Jim’s approach and places it at the top of the article as this concept is an area that gets lots of digital “ink.” Jim then talks about implementing the idea, knowing that many of them fail. But that’s OK. Some will succeed and that “win” can be “life changing.” He cites the success of a few of his real estate investment radio ads, which resulted in “millions.” Learn more about financial independence from Jim Toner.