Randal Nardone: Co-Founder and Leader of Fortress Investment Group, LLC

About Randal Nardone’s Role at Fortress

Randal Nardone is one of the Co-Founders and the CEO of Fortress Investment Group, LLC. Mr. Nardone is a man of many talents and leadership roles. Randal Nardone is the Principal of Fortress Credit Corp., President and Chairman of Springleaf Financial Holdings, LLC., and a host of other roles of importance. Randal Nardone has a Juris Doctor in Law and a BA in English and Biology.

Although Randal Nardone’s background is law, he has immersed himself into the financial industry and has become a leading financial adviser. Over the course of years Randal Nardone has continuously impressed businesses and investors with his financial skills. Because of Randal Nardone’s innovative strategic plans and portfolios; Fortress Investment Group, LLC. has become a renown investment firm that shows to be a continuous force in the financial industry.

About Fortress Investment Group, LLC.

Fortress Investment Group, LLC. is based in New York and has three founders that hold the reins to its success. The three headed leadership consists of Randal Nardone, Wesley Edens, and Rob Kauffman. This three-man team has successfully launched and spearheaded Fortress Investment Group, LLC. into the financial playing field as a leading contender. Since its inception, the firm has successfully managed more than $70 billion in private equity, credit funds, and other assets. In addition, the firm is the first of its kind to be traded on the U.S stock exchange publicly.

Due to the firms great success, Fortress has been nominated and has received numerous accolades over the years. Fortress has a knack for corporate mergers and acquisitions. Their skill set has proven to be an asset to every client in their services. Fortress Investment Group, LLC. believes in using their capital market, low-cost, and low-risk financial investment expert skills in making strategic plans for the success of their clients. Fortress Investment Group, LLC. shows that it is moving and strongly forging forward in to the future of the financial industry.

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Ryan Seacrest Is About More Than Simple “American Idol”

In 2016, when the lights went out on what was thought to be the last ever “American Idol”, Ryan Seacrest was a TV show host without a TV show. Despite his many successful radio shows, Seacrest found himself struggling to find a natural home on the TV platform which had made him famous. fast forward to 2018 and Ryan Seacrest now seems like a man who has found his home once again in the “Live with Kelly and Ryan” daytime talk show and the rebooted “American Idol”.

According to Business of Fashion, Seacrest’s involvement in the relaunched “American Idol” of 2018 was in doubt at one point when bosses at ABC seemed more intent on signing judge Katy Perry than the iconic host. Producers Freemantle North America had begun negotiations with the radio host about a return to “Idol” but an offer of less than $10 million seemed like a lowball offer of the worst kind for the host of the nationally syndicated “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” radio show.

The success of the radio show of Seacrest is so huge he has taken up a role as creative director for iHeart Radio and only took the role alongside Kelly Ripa on the proviso he was free each weekday from 11 a.m. onwards. Returning to “Idol” was not something many in the inner circle of Ryan Seacrest expected or wanted him to do. Instead, he was told to take his time in choosing the right vehicle for his talents by those around him who felt he was best served by finding a new role in the media.

Between the end of the Fox version of “American Idol” and the rebooted ABC version, The Ryan Seacrest Foundation began to play a larger part in the life of the TV host. Appointing Selena Gomez to the role of ambassador and playing a prominent role a partnership with the Atlanta Braves MLB team led to the host almost turning down a return to the show that made him famous. Eventually, the standoff instigated by Freemantle North America over the contract offered was resolved and Ryan Seacrest will once again say the immortal line, “This… Is American Idol.”

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Planning to Invest in Real Estate? Jim Toner’s Advice to You

Jim toner is a real estate investor and an entrepreneur who has enjoyed a list of long career as a radio show host and a speaker as well as being an advisor. It has taken him 25 years to be what he is right now. Jim has gone through some moments of unlucky events; however, he took control of his life and managed to get back on his feet. Apart from being a real estate investor and an entrepreneur, Jim Toner is a philanthropist and has had national appreciation for his work with the homeless and veterans.

According to Jim toner, whoever is prepared and ready to enter the real estate industry will have a chance to make the most of in the subsequent five years. Jim Toner says that a person’s attitude plays a major role in growing wealth in the real estate platform. The market is not as bad as people may think; it is the investors who make the wrong decisions which later results to their downfall. To be successful in this industry, Jim Toner recommends that investors surround themselves with people who are talented. This will not only help you in being successful, but also, help you grow more.

Being more valuable comes with a intense growth in income. You have to toil hard to accomplish what you want. Jim toner realized early that in order to be prosperous in his place of work, he needed to make himself valuable. To be valuable, he first worked on improving his mental, physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. According to him, a person with a good physical condition is capable of making changes in their economic lives. Jim got the motivation of concentrating on his physical well-being as he had tried many times to be successful while in poor health and failed.

“Stop acting poor and you will be rich”, this is according to Jim Toner. To be prosperous in the real estate field, you should start surrounding yourself with prosperous people. Even when times get tougher, read as many books as you can and keep on following your dream. Another advice from the acclaimed author and a real estate investor is to manage your time well. Make the most out of your time and you will see that being an entrepreneur is the most worthwhile choices that you can ever make.

Financial freedom tips from Jim Toner: https://thebrotalk.com/business-strategy/jim-toner-finding-freedom-finances/

Lime Crime’s Spring Trendy Tips For 2018

Are you a trendy kind of person? Could your personal style use some added flare? Do you know how to properly get started when it comes to beauty techniques? This is where Lime Crime comes into the frame. Lime Crime is one of the best cosmetics brand that is on the market today. The company has only been around since 2008, but it has helped to revolutionize the industry in more ways than one. Doe Deere, founder of the company, has parlayed her personal style into a huge success. Lime Crime and the spring season seems to go hand-to-hand. Spring is all about blossoming and blooming colors. On the other hand, Lime Crime has the absolute largest selection of vibrant colors.

Here are a few tips to brighten-up your spring season. Accent colors are great for reflecting the season as well as great for reflecting your mood. Everyone knows that the spring season is considered to be the most vibrant season of all. Depending on where you actually reside, you can coordinate your style with the colorful landscape of the environment. For 2018, the color purple is totally in. Lime Crime cosmetics offer numerous purple hues that will match every occasion, including lilac, sangria, plum and lavender. Purple is very popular amongst the vast range of colors that we use in society. This particular color can be loud and bold, or it can be deep and intense. The choice is definitely up to you. The color purple can be found in many products such as hair dye, nail polish, eyeshadow and lipstick. Lime Crime’s Venus 3 eyeshadow palette has up to eight different shades of purple to explore.

Foundation is the next contender, and it provides your skin with a clean slate to work on. For getting rid of distractions like bumps and blemishes, foundation helps to cover-up any impurities. Now you can create a masterpiece by adding pigments and accentuating colors. You should try experimenting with various hues because it’s not like your foundation is permanent. If you don’t like a certain blend, then you can remove it and start over.

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ClassDojo: The Education Tech Firm That Is Solving The Communication Problem In Classrooms

Education continues to be dynamic. However, education technology has not accustomed itself to this development. The focus has been on how the teacher communicates concepts with the student.

The vital role of the parent has been missing. Among the educational technology companies surveyed by entrepreneur.com, ClassDojo was the undisputed leader in parent inclusion.

For six years now, they have involved the stakeholders in every step. The app is part of the day-to-day activities in a classroom. Engineers and educators brooded the app in thousands of schools across the country. By the time it received its seed capital, it had already made significant inroads into the industry.

The communication platform features teachers, students, and parents’ login accounts. Once you are in, you can access student progress, view classroom videos, listen to audios, and make comments. The app is free and is available in 35 languages.

Barely a year after its release, over 3.5 million subscribers were active participants. Teachers, the most vital cog in the app development and future improvement, serve as the key informants.

Liam Don and Sam Chaudhry wanted to be part of positive classroom culture. They used a ground-up approach. Currently, there are over 200 million users scattered across the globe in at least 180 countries.

The ClassDojo app has been a success; 2 in 3 schools in the country are actively using the platform. Rough estimates say that at least 10 million kids use the app every day.

Teachers want to make teaching fun, but the only way to do that is to involve the players. Today, about 10% of the subscribers are parents. Teachers keep parents updated about their kids’ progress in school.

Since its initial release, the company has raised over $30million in funding. This money has gone into strategic improvements in its product offering. The company hopes to launch improved learning tools and content through partnerships.

OSI Group’s Tremendous Growth in Food Processing Fueled by Vision

OSI Group has developed a sterling reputation in the food processing industry as an invaluable partner for many top brands around the world. Their rich history includes a lasting relationship with one of the most recognized brands on the planet and it goes back decades. Their exponential growth over the years has been a result of their immense resources and abilities.

The history of OSI Group dates back more than 100 years when a German immigrant opened up a butcher shop and meat market. Otto Kolschowsky ran this small market successfully for years and they were later called Otto & Sons. He eventually tried his hand at the wholesale meat business and became a valued member of the community.

The game changer for Otto & Sons was in 1955 when they were selected by Ray Kroc to be the meat supplier to the first McDonald’s franchise in Des Plaines, Illinois. This handshake agreement was the propellant for both companies to take off with growth like never before. This important relationship culminated in the company building an entire plant to satisfy the needs of its best customer.

The introduction of flash freezing technology enabled Otto & Sons to keep pace with the tremendous number of McDonald’s franchises. Now the burgers could be shipped great distances to all corners of the country. Technological innovation is something that OSI Group still practices today as they always improve their procedures.

Otto & Sons became OSI Group in 1975 to better reflect the changing nature of the business. It was now a global concern as opportunities for growth were found on several continents. The vision for this phase of the company’s life was driven by Sheldon Lavin who helped them secure funding for expansion. When he became a valued partner in 1975 his program for growth was implemented.

The 1980’s saw the company expand into new markets like Brazil, Austria, and Mexico among others. Their steady expansion over the years landed them on the Forbes magazine list of largest privately owned companies. Their annual sales were $6.1 billion in one recent year.

The growing possibilities in Asia became a clarion call for many companies and OSI Group began making inroads in 1987. They started a joint venture with a company in Taiwan and OSI Asia-Pacific was born. China, Japan, and the Philippines followed in the ensuing years. The continued excellence of the company bodes well for the future.

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Dr. Saad Saad’s Career Accomplishments

Dr. Saad Saad came from poverty and created an accomplished and good life for himself and his family. He also is passionate about giving back to the community and is a philanthropist. The doctor was raised in Kuwait until adulthood, but was born in Palestine. Although he had nothing, he and his seven other siblings rose to prominent careers in their prospective fields.


Saad Saad decided that his career would be as a doctor, a pediatric doctor to be exact. To become a doctor a proper education is a requirement. He earned his medical degree In Egypt from Cairo University. Since then Dr. Saad Saad has performed thousands of life saving and complex surgeries for children all over the world. Some of these on medical missions to Jerusalem or the United States where the doctor currently resides. That is 12 medical missions all together, four in the United States and eight in Jerusalem. His patients and patient’s parents cannot be anymore grateful especially to those who simply cannot afford it. That’s a philanthropist and caring individual for you.


On one of the biggest highlights of his career is working for four and a half years for Saudi Royalty in Riyadh. Bi-lingual Dr. Saad Saad was the ideal candidate for the job and board certified. Trusted and admired, even the assistant chief trusted Saad Saad to be his son’s pediatric doctor instead of flying internationally for another doctor. During his time at the Specialist Hospital he performed many surgeries on children ranging from infants to teenagers. The doctor even did surgery on the youngest aneurysm patient, a tiny little baby. He saved the child’s safe and was able to educate people on the subject matter. This incredible case was published in a world class scientific journal for all to read. Another incredible career high for Dr. Saad Saad was creating two patents that would change the face of the medical industry. This made these two procedures a whole lot easier and safe to patients all over the world. They have praised by doctors all over the nation.


Dr. Saad Saad has had quite a remarkable medical career. He has worked all over the world performing surgeries on children from every kind of background imaginable. In 2014 he won two awards including the Compassionate Doctor Recognition Award and the Patients’ Choice Award for outstanding work in his field.


Board certified in pediatric surgery Dr. Saad Saad gives his absolute best attention and care to each patient no matter their background. He has been affiliated with 12 hospitals recently including Monmouth Medical Center, Jersey Shore University Medical Center, and Long Branch Campus. Dr. Saad Saad resides in Eatontown, New Jersey where he lives with his family. Learn more: https://www.doximity.com/pub/saad-saad-md

InnovaCare Health: The Long-Standing Fight for Medical Care

The battle over healthcare is one that most people think is just a political battle. Anyone who actually works in the healthcare industry knows that the current healthcare management environment suffers from far more than just affordability. The real struggle destroying healthcare is lack of quality medical care.

One of the first rules that every doctor should learn in medical school is that being healthy means patients aren’t on drugs of any kind. These days, too many doctors are more than happy to prescribe drugs, natural or synthetic, and send patients off to be on those drugs for the rest of their lives.

That breaks the first rule of medicine and people don’t understand that anymore. People are actually happy if they can find a drug that works for them. Once they find it, they’re also more than happy being on drugs for the rest of their lives.

What people need is a company that actually cares about their health; not making them think that they care about their health. If people only knew how much the medicine world was making off of them and their ignorance, they might be more inclined to learn more about their own health.

The reality is that big pharmaceutical and natural-medicine companies only care about making money. Unfortunately, many doctors have started sided with these companies and taking pieces of the profit. That means doctors are now more inclined to sell patients on some drugs that probably aren’t best for them, but they know their patients don’t know that.

Luckily, there are companies like InnovaCare Health trying to fight back. InnovaCare Health actually cares about its patients, placing them first ahead of profits and everything else. At InnovaCare Health, the end goal of every effort they make is quality medical care.

At InnovaCare Health, they have brilliant experts like Dr. Richard A. Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides. Dr. Shinto has more than 20 years of clinical studies and operational healthcare experience. He’s worked with nearly a dozen prestigious medical companies and believes that patients need to be able to trust their healthcare providers.

Penelope Kokkinides agrees with Dr. Shinto’s belief, but she’s more on the end of administrative efforts. At the many companies she worked at, she improved infrastructure and helped developed managed care models.


Several Migrant-Focused Charities are in Operation in Arizona

Michael and Jim are only two of the thousands of altruistic individuals in the United States. Their foundation is called The Frontera Fund, and they help Hispanics all over Arizona.

With the political climate the way it is currently – charged by a racist president, immigrants from countries all over the world need as much help as they can get.

The Frontera Fund, for example, provides information on their website that may interest immigrants. This organization also works with other charities to bring a positive change in the lives of immigrants. Some of the organization that The Frontera Fund works with are the Center for Neighborhood Leadership, the Arizona Justice Project, and 1070.

This organization was founded a few years after Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin’s illegal arrest at the hands of infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Joe Arpaio is notorious for his treatment of prisoners and immigrants. This is why The Frontera Fund is doing such much to help these individuals.

Center for Neighborhood Leadership

This organization works in the Phoenix, Arizona area to educate, train, and nurture the future leaders of the community. The activities held by the Center for Neighborhood Leadership includes gardening and strategic planning for positive changes concerning education and civic duty.

This organization also has a branch in New York City. It is a sub-division of the Neighborhood and Housing Development.

Phoenix Immigrant Justice Project

This organization helps illegal immigrants with the legal process. According to the Phoenix Immigrant Justice Project, nearly 350,000 illegal residents currently live in Arizona. Read more: Jim Larkin | Facebook and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Prior to this organization, there was no service to assist illegal residents in Arizona. These people were often left to fend for themselves, pursuing naturalization without the help of legal counsel.

The main program operated in Maricopa County by this organization is the Justice for Immigrants & Families Project. A team at this program directly represent immigrants in the deportation process, working pro bono. This program also offers educational lectures and group workshops.

No More Deaths

This humanitarian focused organization is also religious-based. This organization is made up of people who leave clean water, food, and other supplies along the common foot trails of migrants.

No More Deaths also takes action against misconduct by law enforcement against migrants.

“Our basic function is to save as many lives here as we can.” said John Fife, the co-founder of No More Deaths.

Sheldon Lavin Walks OSI Group through Global Expansion

The American food industry is without a doubt huge. Even so, it is not large enough for some entrepreneurs especially when they seek international growth. The global expansion comes in at such points with the only overriding reason to claim global operation being self-improvement for development as well as growth. Sheldon Lavin, the chief executive officer of OSI Group, has been walking this company through tremendous changes around global expansion. As the head cheerleader, Lavin is the major controller of what the company seeks to achieve eventually.

The career of Sheldon Lavin in the meat industry dates back to 40 years ago when he was asked to provide financial guidance to Otto & Sons. At that moment, he was a significant employee in the financial services industry. His input could barely be matched. That explains how he landed the leadership role at Otto & Sons. A few years into his career in the company, he was made the chief executive officer. Until now, Lavin has dedicated his time and life to make sure that OSI Group expands its horizons to different countries.

OSI Group is a global provider of meat-based foods. Currently, the company has over 20,000 employees, and Sheldon Lavin is the man behind the management of these workers. Most importantly, Sheldon Lavin has ensured that OSI Group is converted to a major service provider for international companies as well. He, therefore, brags of manning an organization that has a tremendous employee turnover to serve millions of clients across different continents.

With Lavin’s leadership OSI Group has been able to set out on a journey of success since the early 1970s and 1980s when it expanded its horizons into Taiwan, South America, Japan, Australia, the Philippines and even South Africa. At this moment, Sheldon Lavin has acquired about 100 percent of the control rights. Now with his expertise, he has managed to take OSI Group into a production capacity of over 60 facilities.

Following his input in the organization, Sheldon Lavin was honored with the Global Visionary Award for the best head cheerleader. Usually, this award is conferred on the basis of excellent service delivery, and Lavin just fit the bill in 2016. In addition to that, OSI Group has managed to bag several awards like the Globe of Honor Award conferred by the British Council. This award is conferred in honor of companies that have developed exclusively because of their techniques in minimizing environmental pollution.

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